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Sennheiser XSW 1-825-E « Wireless SystemsSennheiser XSW 1-825-E, Wireless Systems£ 209,- Sennheiser HD 25 « HeadphoneSennheiser HD 25, Headphone£ 127,- Sennheiser XSW 1-ME3-E « Wireless SystemsSennheiser XSW 1-ME3-E, Wireless Systems£ 289,- Sennheiser ew IEM G4-TWIN-B « In-Ear Monitoring SystemSennheiser ew IEM G4-TWIN-B, In-Ear Monitoring System£ 1.143,- Sennheiser XSW 1-ME2-E « Wireless SystemsSennheiser XSW 1-ME2-E, Wireless Systems£ 261,- Sennheiser e845-S « MicrophoneSennheiser e845-S, Microphone£ 87,- Sennheiser e865-S « MicrophoneSennheiser e865-S, Microphone£ 193,- Sennheiser Evolution A2003-UHF « Wireless accessoriesSennheiser Evolution A2003-UHF, Wireless accessories£ 229,- Sennheiser IE4 Earbuds « In-Ear EarpiecesSennheiser IE4 Earbuds, In-Ear Earpieces£ 57,- Sennheiser KEN2 « Wireless accessoriesSennheiser KEN2, Wireless accessories£ 8,85 Sennheiser Evolution MZA900P « Component AdapterSennheiser Evolution MZA900P, Component Adapter£ 169,- Sennheiser HD 25 Light « HeadphoneSennheiser HD 25 Light, Headphone£ 108,- Sennheiser e845 « MicrophoneSennheiser e845, Microphone£ 86,- Sennheiser e845/Kabel-Set « Mic BundleSennheiser e845/Kabel-Set, Mic Bundle£ 86,- Sennheiser Stereo Mini-Klinke « 1/4Sennheiser Stereo Mini-Klinke, 1/4£ 14,05 Sennheiser HD 25 Ersatzkabel « HeadphoneSennheiser HD 25 Ersatzkabel, Headphone£ 16,90 Sennheiser Netzteil NT2-3 UK « Wireless accessoriesSennheiser Netzteil NT2-3 UK, Wireless accessories£ 16,55 Sennheiser HD 25 Ohrpolster Paar Velour « HeadphoneSennheiser HD 25 Ohrpolster Paar Velour, Headphone£ 17,35 Sennheiser Microphone Bag evolution « Mic AccessoriesSennheiser Microphone Bag evolution, Mic Accessories£ 9,65 Sennheiser Netzteil NT2-3 EU « Wireless accessoriesSennheiser Netzteil NT2-3 EU, Wireless accessories£ 16,95 Sennheiser e614 « MicrophoneSennheiser e614, Microphone£ 164,- Sennheiser e908B « MicrophoneSennheiser e908B, Microphone£ 229,- Sennheiser Ear-Set 4-EW schwarz « MicrophoneSennheiser Ear-Set 4-EW schwarz, Microphone£ 457,- Sennheiser Evolution CL1-N Line Cable « Audio CableSennheiser Evolution CL1-N Line Cable, Audio Cable£ 14,50 Sennheiser Evolution G2 AM2 « Wireless accessoriesSennheiser Evolution G2 AM2, Wireless accessories£ 43,25 Sennheiser Evolution G2 CI1-N « Wireless accessoriesSennheiser Evolution G2 CI1-N, Wireless accessories£ 16,90 Sennheiser ew-112-E-G3 B-Stock « Wireless SystemsSennheiser ew-112-E-G3 B-Stock, Wireless Systems£ 419,- Sennheiser EW-300-2-IEM-C-G3 « In-Ear Monitoring SystemSennheiser EW-300-2-IEM-C-G3, In-Ear Monitoring System£ 1.112,- Sennheiser ew-D1-ME3 Headmic Set « Wireless SystemsSennheiser ew-D1-ME3 Headmic Set, Wireless Systems£ 486,- Sennheiser HSP2-EW Headset schwarz « MicrophoneSennheiser HSP2-EW Headset schwarz, Microphone£ 469,- Sennheiser HSP4-EW3 Headset beige « MicrophoneSennheiser HSP4-EW3 Headset beige, Microphone£ 522,- Sennheiser ME 3 II-ew Headset « MicrophoneSennheiser ME 3 II-ew Headset, Microphone£ 149,- Sennheiser ME4 Lavaliermikrofon « MicrophoneSennheiser ME4 Lavaliermikrofon, Microphone£ 109,- Sennheiser MEG 14-40 B « MicrophoneSennheiser MEG 14-40 B, Microphone£ 194,- Sennheiser MZQ 800 « Mic AccessoriesSennheiser MZQ 800, Mic Accessories£ 8,70 Sennheiser Windschutz MZW 1 « Mic AccessoriesSennheiser Windschutz MZW 1, Mic Accessories£ 16,90 Sennheiser Windschutz MZW3 « Mic AccessoriesSennheiser Windschutz MZW3, Mic Accessories£ 12,45 Sennheiser e835S/Kabel-Set « Mic BundleSennheiser e835S/Kabel-Set, Mic Bundle£ 79,- Sennheiser e906 « MicrophoneSennheiser e906, Microphone£ 147,- Sennheiser HD 25 Plus « HeadphoneSennheiser HD 25 Plus, Headphone£ 169,- Sennheiser ew 100 G4-835-S-E « Wireless SystemsSennheiser ew 100 G4-835-S-E, Wireless Systems£ 499,- Sennheiser ew IEM G4-E « In-Ear Monitoring SystemSennheiser ew IEM G4-E, In-Ear Monitoring System£ 839,- Sennheiser XSW 2-865-A « Wireless SystemsSennheiser XSW 2-865-A, Wireless Systems£ 432,- Sennheiser ew 100 G4-ME3-1G8 « Wireless SystemsSennheiser ew 100 G4-ME3-1G8, Wireless Systems£ 573,- Sennheiser ew 112P G4-E « Wireless SystemsSennheiser ew 112P G4-E, Wireless Systems£ 499,- Sennheiser ew-D1-945 « Wireless SystemsSennheiser ew-D1-945, Wireless Systems£ 499,- Sennheiser XSW 2-835- GB « Wireless SystemsSennheiser XSW 2-835- GB, Wireless Systems£ 369,- Sennheiser XSW 2-865-E « Wireless SystemsSennheiser XSW 2-865-E, Wireless Systems£ 409,- Sennheiser e604/Kabel-Set « Mic BundleSennheiser e604/Kabel-Set, Mic Bundle£ 119,- Sennheiser e609 silver « MicrophoneSennheiser e609 silver, Microphone£ 90,- Sennheiser e835-S « MicrophoneSennheiser e835-S, Microphone£ 79,- Sennheiser Evolution GA-4 « Wireless accessoriesSennheiser Evolution GA-4, Wireless accessories£ 42,- Sennheiser HSP4-EW Headset schwarz « MicrophoneSennheiser HSP4-EW Headset schwarz, Microphone£ 520,- Sennheiser MD 441-U « MicrophoneSennheiser MD 441-U, Microphone£ 701,- Sennheiser XSW 1-835-E « Wireless SystemsSennheiser XSW 1-835-E, Wireless Systems£ 249,- Sennheiser e914 « MicrophoneSennheiser e914, Microphone£ 319,- Sennheiser e945 « MicrophoneSennheiser e945, Microphone£ 179,- Sennheiser e965 « MicrophoneSennheiser e965, Microphone£ 416,- Sennheiser ew 100 G4-CI 1-E « Guitar Wireless SystemsSennheiser ew 100 G4-CI 1-E, Guitar Wireless Systems£ 459,- Sennheiser ew100 G4-835-S-B « Wireless SystemsSennheiser ew100 G4-835-S-B, Wireless Systems£ 571,-


Sennheisers outstanding products have made the company to on of the most successful in Germany.

The German company Sennheiser GmbH & Co. KG was founded as “Labor Wennebostel” in 1945 only weeks after WW II hat ended. Professor Dr.-Ing. Fritz Sennheiser and a handful of engineers and technicians concentrated on developing high quality microphones. The first product, the microphone MD-2 went into production in 1947

In 1958 the company was renamed “Sennheiser Electronic”. In 1961 Sennheiser made the first answering machine for Telefunken. 1968 Sennheiser made the first open headphones worldwide, the HD 414 is the most sold headphone to date. In 1975 Sennheiser was the first to use infrared technology. In 1982 the Sennheiser wireless classic SKM 4031-TV built the foundations for further wireless microphones in the years after. In 1982 the company leadership was given to Prof. Dr. Jörg Sennheiser. By his retiring father Prof. Dr. Fritz Sennheiser.

From the mid 80´s complex equipment like Sennheiser wireless microphones, Sennheiser wireless headphones and Sennheiser conference system were developed.

In 2001 the worlds smallest professional pocket transmitter, the SK 5012 was developed.

The one man business has turned in to a large company with more then 1.600 employees. The Sennheiser group furthermore consists of the studio microphone specialist George Neumann GmbH, Berlin, the K+H development & distribution corporation (Loudspeakers & Studio monitors) and the Joint Venture Sennheiser Communications, from Denmark make headsets for the PC-, office- and call-centre-markets.

The headquarters of Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG are still located in Wennebostel, which is now part of the municipality of Wedemark. The company also has production sites at its second German location in Burgdorf (electronics manufacturing, wireless technology), as well as in Tullamore, Ireland (headphones production) and Albuquerque, USA (wireless technology for the American. The long list of innovations and patents is as long as the companies’ history and shows the immense invitational strength of the company.

Sennheisers main priority has always been research and development and its seen as an important investment in to the future. The miniaturizing is a permanent challenge for the development team at Sennheiser. Products are getting smaller and smaller whilst they continually have to meet higher demands. Micro mechanic technology enables a new approach to acoustic problems e.g. the selective appliance of joints for microphone membranes. The competence of the engineers in resurch and development to bring new ideas to the market, confirms the companies leading role as a driving force in electro acoustics.