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The story of SE electronics is the story of Mr. Siwei Zou, a very talented musician. His violin playing secured him a place in the Shanghai conservatorium and he became a much respected musician, conductor and composer in China. As an owner of a recording studio he also spent a lot of time behind the mixing desk and experimented with many microphones and settings. His concert tours took him to America, were he started a second business and founded an import/export company. First he was busy in the food industry, and then he was asked by one of the largest Chinese’s state owned microphone manufacturers to take over as a PR advisor. He helped design and develop whole microphone ranges and would then sell them via his new company SE electronics. As the microphone production was later privatised, Siwei Zou acquired the company with the intention to build the best microphones at the lowest possible prices; they should be equal to the established products made in Europe. At first he made a range of OEM products but soon he decided to produce his own range of microphones. Since then SE Electronics have won many awards. The standard model SE1 was SE Electronics top model for a long time. The sound of the SE 2A was very similar to that of the SE1A, as SE Electronics used the same basic set up. A further top mic. based on the SE1A is the SE3. The SE Electronics SE2200A is a large diaphragm condenser microphone with an excellent audio performance; it is based on the award winning mic. legend SE2200. The SE Electronics Z3300A is the most flexible FET mic. made by SE Electronics. The Z5600A is an upgrade of the Z5600. Many thousand users, prizes and awards have made the Z5600 to a legend. SE Electronics latest microphone is the ICIS, the Gemini, which is a large diaphragm condenser mic. with dual technology and the Titan, which could also become a huge success.
In 2003 SE Electronics moved to a new production site and now employees more than 100 people. The manufactory includes all metal processing, electronics construction, capsule manufacturing, assembly, quality control and distribution. Siwei Zou does not take any chances when it comes to quality control. The employees are paid over average and his capsule engineers have life time working contracts. The acoustic testing and experimenting are realised in an anechoic chamber in the university of Shanghai. Every mic. is tested individually and a sweep tone is run through the mic´s for period of 72 hrs. The energy and understanding that the musician and businessman Zou has for his products, make SE Electronics an outstanding brand on the Chinese market.