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Schmidt Array

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Brand Schmidt Array Series
  • ES-8 Custom

  • SA450

  • SA600

  • SA750

  • SA900

Schmidt Array

Schmidt Array is a small company, based in Halle, Germany. The company's mantra is "British Engineering, Handbuilt in Germany". Each board is built by hand in Germany with extraordinary diligence. The truely elaborate and innovative concept of these pedalboards is both unique and impressive.

Two-Deck Design
Schmidt Array's unique and innovative design not only looks great, it also offers some features you won't find elsewhere:
  • The angle of the upper deck is ergonomically designed for comfortable use, without touching the lower row of pedals.
  • The upper deck is mounted on locking hinges, so if it's open, it stays open.
  • The bottom deck lifts out completely - and locks back into place - for easy cabling up.

Wah Cut Out
The optional Wah-extension is removable and repositionable.

Cable slots
Each cable vanishes out of sight, due to the cable slots. Well organized and ti8died up like this, the pedalboard looks elegant and professional.

Connector Box
The optional connector box is an intelligent pedalboard interface with connections like guitar in, amplifier out, send/return and footswitch. A very tricky feature here is, that the interface recognizes, if there is an effects loop involved. If the send/return jacks are not in use, all pedals automatically will be switched in series, so that the pedalboard can be used also with an amp without effects loop.

With every Schmidt Array pedalboard, two LED flexilights, complete with matching USB re-chargeable power pack are included.

IEC Power Socket
AN IEC power socket is mounted on the back of every board.