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Lighting Controllers Scan Controller Brand Zero 88

Zero 88

Zero 88 produces light controller/dimmer solutions for clubs, theaters, multifunctional locations and also for light designers. For over 30 years Zero 88 has been offering high quality professional equipment at affordable prices. From the ground breaking Zero 88 Lightmaster 601 from 1972 to the newest light controller of today, Zero 88 has always had a extremely affordable product range : Dimmer systems (Zero 88 Alphapack 2, Zero 88 Betapack 3, Zero 88 Chilli and Zero 88 Spice 1210), Light controller (Zero 88 FatFrog, Zero 88 Illusion 500, Zero 88 Juggler and Zero 88 Level 6), Control equipment (Zero 88 cable test, Zero 88 Chilli master controller, Zero 88 Demux 24 and Zero 88 Frog Screen) and software (Zero 88 ArKaos VJ 3.5 DMX and Zero 88 Light Converse). Quality, functionality and reliability are standards that are followed with every new development by Zero 88. The combination of experience and innovation makes every new Zero 88 product a technological leader. Using the most up front 3D modeling technologies, layout design systems and innovative software reduce the production budget whilst still in the planning phase. The Zero 88 warehouse is fitted with the newest logistic facilities and supports Zero 88 distributors worldwide. Many years of export experience, paired with the global net of distributors enables Zero 88 to support customers worldwide