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Brand Keilwerth


Keilwerth is a leading manufacturer of saxophones. Following its traditional craftsmanship the company has been in production since 1925. The leading position is founded on over 70 years of experience and know how.

The continuous exchange of experience between Keilwerth and top musicians from all over the world has always guarantied a top quality of the instruments. Saxophone players have always benefited from Keilworths innovations based on this exchange of information. Top players from all styles that trust in the quality of the instruments and the reliable customer service include: Alvarado Tommy, Blake Ron, Couf, Herb, Fiebig Bastian, Hamm Randy, Kozlov, Alexej, Liebman David, McKinney Alvin, Nieto Keith, Petersen Edward, Riggs Jim, Seefelder Jürgen, Stern Bobby, Wheeler Bradley, Zentz Don and many more.

The company Julius Keilwerth was founded in 1925 as a small wood wind instrument workshop and expanded strongly in the following 10 years to become one of the best-known saxophone makers worldwide.

Keilwerth offers instruments for musicians that suite every sound and style. Qualified specialists build an extensive range of Keilwerth products, reaching from the soprano to the bass saxophone (Keilwerth ST-90 JK 1100-8 soprano saxophone, Keilwerth SX-90 JK 1300-8 soprano saxophone, Keilwerth EX-90 JK 2200-8 Alto saxophone, Keilwerth ST-90 JK 2101-8 alto saxophone, Keilwerth SX-90R JK 2400-2 Alto saxophone, Keilwerth ST-90 JK4100S-8 Baritone saxophone, Keilwerth SX-90 JK 4310-5B Baritone saxophone, Keilwerth EX-90 JK 3200-8 tenor saxophone, Keilwerth ST-90 JK 3101-8 tenor saxophone i.e.) and the range is extended by an large choice of different finishes and special editions such as the German Silver body Keilwerth SX90R or Keilwerth SX90R "Shadow".