Sandberg TT 4 Alnico JB-Set

Sandberg TT 4 Alnico JB-Set, Electric Bass Pickup

Item number: 10100960
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Electric Bass Pickup • Technology: Single coil • Pickup type: passive • Magnet: Alnico V • Position: Neck, bridge • Character: Vintage • Output: medium • Connections: 2 wires • Neck impendance: 6,73 kOhm • Impendance bridge: 8,2 kOhm • Cover: Black • Colour / Finish: Black • Replacements for J-Bass pickups. Alnico 5 magnets. Fat vintage sound. Incl. Cap. These pickups have the neck pickup wrapped in reverse. As a result, bridge and neck pickup work in humbucking mode when both are turned up.