Roland TD-50K V-Pro Series

Roland TD-50K V-Pro Series, Electronic Drum Kit

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Electronic Drum Kit • Product code: TD-50K • Display: 256 x 80 Graphic LCD • Sounds: 400 • Effects: Pad Compressor (per Pad), Pad Equalizer (per Pad), 25 x Room Type, 5 x Reverb, Stereo Enhancer, 30 x Multieffects, Master Compressor, Master Equalizer • Drum Kits Presets: 100, all editable • Data backup: USB • Trigger inputs: 13 + HiHat Control • Line in: 1x 6,3 mm Stereo Jack, 1x 3,5 mm Mini Jack • MIDI: IN, OUT/THRU • Outputs: Master Out: 2x 6,3 mm Mono-Jack (L/MONO, R); 2x XLR (L, R, balanced). Direct Out: 8x 6,3 mm Jack (TRS, balanced). Headphone: 1x 6,3 mm Stereojack, 1x 3,5 mm Minijack. • Please note: ATTENTION! Delivery without pedestal, snare stand and hi-hat stand! • Roland has launched two new flagships on the market, TD-50KV and TD-50K which are distinguished by their incredibly authentic feel and sound. The heart of the TD-50KV and TD-50K is the TD-50 sound module. This works with Roland's own Prismatic Sound Modeling technology which accurately records every stroke and touch of the pads and cymbals and reproduces this with high accuracy. This produces an electronic drum sound which is very close to the acoustic set.