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Roland TD-1K V-Drums  Crash Bundle
Electronic Drum Kit Roland TD-1K V-Drums  Crash BundleElectronic Drum Kit Roland TD-1K V-Drums  Crash Bundle (2)Electronic Drum Kit Roland TD-1K V-Drums  Crash Bundle (3)Electronic Drum Kit Roland TD-1K V-Drums  Crash Bundle (4)Electronic Drum Kit Roland TD-1K V-Drums  Crash Bundle (5)

Roland TD-1K V-Drums Crash Bundle

  • Display: 7 Segment, 3 characters (LED)
  • Drum Kits Presets: 15
  • Trigger inputs: Trigger In : Trigger IN (DB-25) (Kick, Snare, Tom 1, Tom 2, Tom 3, Hi-Hat, Crash, Ride, Hi-Hat Control)
  • Line in: MIX IN: Stereo Mini Jack
  • Outputs: OUTPUT/PHONES: Stereo Mini Jack
  • Special Features: Very compact and with V-Drum technology
  • Accessories: Drum throne Pearl D-790, Headphones, Roland OP-TD1C Crash-Cymbal incl. Cymbal holder

Roland TD-1K V-Drums Crash Bundle · Electronic Drum Kit

ATTENTION: E-Drumset Crash Bundle incl. :
  • Drum set Roland V Drum TD-1K
  • Drumstool Pearl D-790
  • E-Drum Pad Roland OP-TD1C V-Cymbal Crash incl. Cymbal Holder
  • Headphones Sennheiser HD 201

Roland V-Drums are the most famous electronic drumsets worldwide and for a very simple reason: they are the best! First-class sound, a natural feel and a stable design guarantee a top performance and the result of 30 years of development work in electronic drum sets. The TD-1K is no exception: it offers the quality of the V-Drums in a compact design.

The TD-1K is ideal for all who want to play drums at home: it offers a wide range of expressive drum kits for all music styles, as well as built-in training and recording functions that help improve and check your drumming performance. As the owner of a Roland TD-1K, you will not only begin a new chapter of your musical journey, but you will also automatically become a member of the V-Drums Network, which already includes the best drummers and percussionists worldwide.

  • The recognized V-Drums sound and the best playing feeling in a beginner's set
  • Covers all musical styles, offering 15 high-impact drum kits
  • Supports important playing techniques, such as stopping the cymbals (cymbal choke), advanced playing of hi-hat and more
  • Improves your playing technique with the built-in coach function, metronome, and recording function
  • Allows you to play to the audio files contained in the sound module, as well as audio data that can be played back through an audio player (smartphone, mp3 player, etc. ) connected to the Mix In jack
  • A foot pedal without a mallet allows quiet play, ideal for practicing at home
  • Space-saving, ergonomic design and modern design - Matching to all facilities at home
  • Sturdy tripod construction with adjustability - Ideal for children, teenagers and adults
  • Many enhancement options, such as the OP-TD1C with an additional crash cymbal pad, the PDX-8 Mesh V-Pad as a snare, the KT-10 or KD-9 as a kick pedal and more
  • USB MIDI port for connecting the TD-1K to the DT-1 Drum Tutor software, the V-Drums Friend Jam network, and other computer software programs

Kit Configuration
  • Snare
  • 3 x Tom
  • Crash
  • Ride
  • Hi-has
  • Kick pedal
  • Hi-Hat pedal
  • Drumstool Pearl D-790
  • Headphones Sennheiser HD 201
  • E-Drum Pad Roland OP-TD1C V-Cymbal Crash incl. Cymbal Holder

  • Tempo (40 - 260)
  • Rhythm Type (5 types)
  • Sounds (8 types)
  • Volume (10 levels)

Size including Cymbals, and Drumsticks
  • Width 800 mm
  • Depth 700 mm
  • Height 1150 mm

  • 11.4 kg (TD-1K)

15 drum kits, suitable for all musical styles

Acoustic drums are set up for a specific music style, that is, you only have one sound at your disposal. The TD-1K is different: it offers 15 preset, directly selectable drum kits covering all kinds of music styles, from rock, blues to jazz, world music to electronic dance music and more.

They can, for example, in the style of a hard rock drummer, switch to a heavy metal band important "heavy grooves" and, if necessary, quickly switch to a different style, such as pop music, at the touch of a button. All drum kits react like their acoustic or electronic models, so you have a wide range of sound variations available in just one drum kit.

Develope an advanced playing technique using the dynamic pads and cymbals

Some drummers fear electronic drums do not play as an acoustic set. The Roland TD-1K is a great opportunity to throw these doubts aside, as it also provides the most important playing techniques for an acoustic set. This is especially important for beginners who have begun to play drums.

Each of the drum sounds offers a very wide dynamic range and a natural sound. Unlike the commercially available e-drum kits for beginners, the TD-1K has cymbal pads that are in no way inferior to that of the large V-Drums sets, including sounds for the top and edge of a cymbal, as well as the Possibility to stop the sound by grabbing and holding the cymbal pad. The hi-hat reacts to all nuances of the foot pedal and thus allows a very fine adjustment of the hi-hat sound. Good drumming needs a good drum set, and nothing else is the Roland TD-1K.

New motivation and more fun with built-in exercises

The TD-1K has a variety of built-in exercises that are very useful both for drumming lessons in the classroom, accompanied by a teacher, as well as practicing at home alone. The TD-1K is not just a drum kit, but also offers a "virtual teacher", as well as a backing band when you play to songs. These possibilities create an additional motivation thrust, develop your playing technique significantly further and also have even more fun.

The built-in metronome helps to improve the timing and the coach mode allows the training of different tempos, endurance and accuracy. Practice playing a band of songs stored in the sound module, or connect your smartphone or audio player to the Mix In jack, and play to the songs or practice patterns that you have chosen yourself. Use the internal recording function to record your performance and listen to the result immediately after recording. The TD-1K is your all-round package for a better drumming performance.

Practice at home with headphones and a foot pedal with little noise

Acoustic drums are very noisy and can quickly drive room mates as well as neighbors to despair or lead to the fact that you are only allowed to play it for a limited time. Moreover, an acoustic drummer is a noise source that is not to be underestimated in relation to potential hearing loss. The Roland TD-1K is particularly noteworthy, not only because of its headphone connection, but also because of the very low-noise Snare / Tom / Cymbal pad, which is a privilege of electronic drums.

Conventional electronic drums often have the problem that playing the foot pedal produces kicking sounds, which can interfere with the neighbors. The TD-1K, on ​​the other hand, offers pedals without mallets and is therefore very quiet when used. The Roland NE-10 Noise Eater, an additional support pad raised on an air cushion, provides additional insulation when playing the pedals.

Space-saving design and flexible adjustment of the drum stand

The construction of an acoustic drums means an effort which is not to be underestimated and usually requires more space than expected. The TD-1K is much more compact and fits in small rooms without disturbing. It also looks good and stylish and fits every modern decor.

The stable, ergonomic drum stand can easily be adjusted and adapted to the playing style of children, adolescents and adults. In addition, it is possible to adjust the height of the cymbal pads and the angle of the snare pad in order to fit the drum kit perfectly to the individual seat height.

Roland V-Drums
The Roland V-Drums offer a wide range of E-Drums, Drum modules and matching electronic percussion. Principal components of the V-Drums are the electric Drums. These vary in terms of price and complexity. Accessories such as individual pads, percussion pads, cymbal pads (E-Cymbals) Cymbal bags for E-Cymbals, Triggers, brackets and hardware such as Cymbalstands and modules are also available separately.

Like most electronic drum modules the modern V- Drums are MIDI compatible. This function allows the user to control not only his V-Drums kit with the module, but also other MIDI-compatible instruments such as Sampler. The other way around the V-Drums can also be controlled by other MIDI-compatible instruments. Like most e-Drums V-Drums can also be connected to a PA system or another amplifier or headphones and to recording equipment.


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