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Keyboard Amp Roland Mobile Cube
Keyboard Amp Roland Mobile CubeKeyboard Amp Roland Mobile CubeKeyboard Amp Roland Mobile CubeKeyboard Amp Roland Mobile CubeKeyboard Amp Roland Mobile Cube

Roland Mobile Cube

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  • Power (watts rms): 2 x 2,5 W
  • Number of channels: 2
  • Outputs: Headphone mini-jack
  • Special Features: Mini amp for every occasion
  • Portable 5-watt Battery-powered Guitar Combo Amp with Two 4" Speakers and Built-in Effects
  • Battery-powered amplifier
  • 5W (2.5W + 2.5W) stereo power with two high-performance 4" speakers
  • Inputs for microphone, stereo-instrument, and stereo AUX; headphone output
  • Center Cancel function for karaoke
  • Built-in stereo reverb/chorus, distortion
  • Dedicated strap included for easy carry around
  • Mic Channel: Input Jacks (1/4" phone)
  • Keyboard/Instrument/Guitar Channel: Input Jack L/MONO, GUITAR (1/4" phone), Input Jack R (1/4" phone)
  • Aux In Jacks (Stereo miniature phone, RCA phono)
  • Phones Jack (Stereo miniature phone)

Roland Mobile Cube · Keyboard Amp

The Roland MobileCube is one mighty little multi-purpose portable amp suitable for virtually any instrument, microphone, or audio use! The Mobile Cube is lightweight and battery powered with 15-hours of battery life.

The Mobile Cube stereo amplifier includes connections for microphones, keyboards, acoustic or electric guitars, MP3 players, making the Mobile Cube a great practice amp or mini PA! Plus, the Mobile Cube features classic Roland effects including stereo reverb and chorus. Small enough to fit in a briefcase, the Roland Mobile Cube runs on batteries so it's ready to go anywhere.

The Roland Mobile Cube amp is the anywhere for everything powered stereo audio loudspeaker. With 1/4-inch phone jack input on the MIC channel, 1/4-inch phone inputs on the KEYBOARD/INSTRUMENT/GUITAR channel, and stereo miniature RCA phono inputs on the AUX IN channel, plug in virtually any electronic instrument or audio source into the Mobile Cube: electric or acoustic guitars, keyboards, drum machines, microphones, MP3 players, iPods and CD players. Measuring just 11-1/16 x 4-1/4 x 7-inches and weighing under 6 pounds take the briefcase sized Roland Mobile Cube anywhere. The Mobile Cube is powered by 6 AA batteries for up to 15 hours of jamming or entertainment, or via an optional AC adapter.

Use the Roland Mobile Cube as a practice amp at home or while traveling, indoors or outside. The Mobile Cube is great for parties, or use the center vocal cancel function for karaoke, and vocal lessons. Mount the Roland Mobile Cube on a mic stand for use as a monitor speaker or mini PA system. Equipped with Roland's effects engine, the Mobile Cube offers high-quality stereo reverb and chorus effects.

The Roland Mobile Cube is the all-purpose portable amp, the road warriors dream.

Roland Cube
The Roland Cubes were the first practice amp with amp modeling, and they have a stunning success story behind them: from its introduction in 2002 until early 2009, it sold a million units worldwide! unbelievable! The recipe for success: Fantastic sound, thanks to custom speakers, all the classic sounds with a lot of amp and effects stompboxes, simple operation and best workmanship.

The new CUBE EX amps will ensure that the CUBE success story continues unabated!


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