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Bass Amp Roland Micro Cube Bass RX
Bass Amp Roland Micro Cube Bass RXBass Amp Roland Micro Cube Bass RX

Roland Micro Cube Bass RX

(22 Ratings)
  • Technology: Modelling
  • Loudspeakers: 4x 4"
  • Power at 4 ohms: 2x 5 W
  • EQ: Bass/mids/treble
  • Headphone output with speaker mute: yes
  • Including: Mains adapter and carry strap
  • Special Features: check Specifications

Roland Micro Cube Bass RX · Bass Amp

  • Powerful with good bass sound thanks to 4 special speakers with large total diaphragm area
  • 6x amp modeling (linear super-flat amp for unadulterated bass or fretless, Ampeg B-15 combo, Fender bassman, Trace Elliot stack, Acoustic 360, SWR stack and ampeg stack)
  • 7x DSP effect: Chorus / Flanger / Touchwah + Echo / Hall + Octaver-Preamp + Compressor
  • Stereo operation (2 loudspeakers for the left, 2 loudspeakers for the right) for the famous JC-120 chorus with the original signal on the left and the pure effect signal on the right Stereo AUX IN (MP3/CD player) and stereo recording out / stereo headphone operation.
  • "Rhythm Guide" Drumcomputers with 11 styles (metronome, rock 1, rock 2, blues, country, R & B, ballad, jazz, funk, latin, dance) and three variations, tap tempo, start/stop and Volume control, Dual Footswitch connector (Rhythm Guide Start / Stop + Tap Tempo)
  • Tuner for manual operation (press the button briefly, select the string with the amp control) or chromatic operation (press button long, automatic string detection)
  • 3-band equalizer
  • 6x AA battery with 13 hours of operation
  • Power supply and strap included

Roland Cube
The Roland Cubes were the first practice amp with amp modeling, and they have a stunning success story behind them: from its introduction in 2002 until early 2009, it sold a million units worldwide! unbelievable! The recipe for success: Fantastic sound, thanks to custom speakers, all the classic sounds with a lot of amp and effects stompboxes, simple operation and best workmanship.

The new CUBE EX amps will ensure that the CUBE success story continues unabated!


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Average customer rating:
(22 Ratings)
4.5 out of 5 stars
Over all impression
Value for money

Perfect home practice combo

Thomas M on 30.09.2019

I can't really fault this product for the price, a great sound, a tuner, a drum machine integrated, and some of the more popular effects; even a compressor. Don't expect to use it at any gig, this is clearly a practice instrument, it only has 5 watts. However to hone your skills with a CD, or while reading a chart down with a drum machine, you'd be hard pushed to find a finer product, and believe me, the sound is all there; its meaty for its size.

Over all impression
Value for money

What a fun amp

Aled on 25.01.2016

what brilliant amp to take anywhere for a jam sound quality is amazing

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