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Brand Rogers


The name Rogers probably triggers a warm, nostalgic tingling sensation in every history-conscious drummer. What began in 1849 with Joseph H. Rogers founding the first calfskin drum skin factory in the USA, established itself over the following decades as one of the strongest names in the history of drums. In 1930 Joseph's grandson Cleveland S. Rogers began building the first "Rogers" drums.

After the expansion and later sale of Joseph Rogers Inc. to distributor Henry Grossman in 1955, he moved the company from Farmingdale, New Jersey to Covington, Ohio. With the combined skills of Henry Grossmann, developer Joe Thompson and marketing manager Ben Strauss, the Rogers Company became one of the leading and most innovative manufacturers in its field just six years later. After many inspiring years at the Covington plant, which is also considered the "Golden Age" of the Rogers brand, the company's assets were sold to a number of other companies in the music industry, including CBS (1966), Brook Mays (1999) and Yamaha (2006), before being reborn in 2017 as one of the (quoted) "top vintage brands".

With the the old times spirit and the possibilities of the 21st century, a collective of experienced Rogers veterans, shell builders and vintage experts has respectfully approached the legacy of giving present and future generations access to what Rogers was, is and will be.