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RØDE is a globally known company that produce microphones that offer a huge value for money and a great performance. This is due to the consisting investments into research and development and the use of new technologies in production to increase product quality and production efficiency.
The company RØDE MICROPHONES is situated in Silverwater a suburb of Sydney/Australia and originated from the Freedman group of companies. The company was founded in 1967 by the Swedish emigrants Henry and Astrid Freedmann. Peter Freedman, son of the emigrants was sent a production sample of a large diphagram microphone that was produced in china, and it didn’t trill him. Some time later he had the idea to improve the noisy mic with upgraded electronics.
Permanent research and development in the lab as well as in the field of use resulted to an increase in quality of the products made.
In 1990 it was decided to build and market the first RØDE branded microphones. Before the home recording booms there were only few know and respected manufacturers of professional, high quality microphones. The early market leaders built premium products that had a premium price tag. RØDEs market introduction was paralleled to the start of the huge homer cording and project studio market. RØDE was aware that the use of new technologies, a good design and the right workforce could result in a previously unknown demand. After establishing themselves by 1998, RØDE moved to larger headquarters in Sydney. A further
metalworking industrial company was founded in 1998, to produce microphone enclosures and other components for meet the very high expectations of the international markets.
Peter Freedman now owns a high tech manufacturing plant capable of producing an enormous amount of microphones.