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Digital Mixer Rode RodeCaster Pro
Digital Mixer Rode RodeCaster ProDigital Mixer Rode RodeCaster Pro

Rode RodeCaster Pro

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  • Design: Desktop
  • Dimensions W/H/D: 350 x 275 x 82 mm
  • Weight: 1,98 kg
  • Number of channels: 4
  • Mono channels: 4
  • Stereo channels: 3
  • Channel volume control: 100 mm fader
  • Resolution: 24-Bits
  • Sampling-Rates: 48 kHz
  • Mic Inputs: 4
  • Inputs: 4x XLR Mic in, USB in, TRRS in, Bluetooth
  • Headphone Jack: 4x 6,3 mm; separat regelbar
  • Computer connection: USB-C
  • Suported Software Systems: macOS 10.11, Windows 10
  • Supported Storage Media: microSD™-Card
  • Special Features: 8 effect pads for immediate triggering of sound effects, telephone interview circuit
  • Including: Power supply, Micro USB cable

Rode RodeCaster Pro · Digital Mixer

The RØDE Caster Pro is a compact all-in-one production console (35 cm wide) designed specifically for creating professional podcasts. Best of all, it's child's play to use - even though there's sophisticated signal processing and tricky circuitry details under the hood. No other device currently offers even a remotely similar range of functions, while at the same time providing the finest sound quality and conceivably simple operation! Connect the microphone - the appropriate pre-amplification (gain) is set automatically! Now use the touchscreen to set whether the voice is female or male, and whether it is soft, medium or loud. That's it! Then pull up (the) relevant faders, plug in headphones and turn it up. Insert a microSD card and press REC - you're ready to go! Of course, you can also go to your computer via USB and record the podcast there.

The voice audio quality is formidable and sounds very authentic with quality from professional radio and television productions. The RØDECaster Pro uses Class A preamps, the finest Aphex signal processing (Aural Exciter, Big Bottom) and Smart Effects (Compressor, De-Esser, Noise Gate, Ducking, HPF) that are especially important for speech. Podcast productions with several people, with "ducking": This automatically lowers mic channels 2, 3, and 4 as soon as speech is heard on mic 1 (by the host). Jingles, sound effects at the touch of a button! On the right side of the RØDECaster Pro is a dedicated soundbar with 8 trigger pads that can be easily dragged and dropped with audio files from your computer.
You can also "record" directly to a pad from any input. Finally, the color of a pad can be set as desired.

In addition to the four microphone channels, there is also the USB channel (for the computer as a feed), a TRRS channel (for the headphone output of a cell phone) and a Bluetooth channel (for wireless streaming from the cell phone). Telephone interviews can be a problematic affair because of possible interfering echoes. Not with the RØDECaster Pro: thanks to its "mix-minus" circuitry with sophisticated noise gate and ducking, such echoes are eliminated from the start.

Each channel has a solo button for auditioning and a mute button for muting. If you press a solo button, the recording or live stream is not affected, so you can control individual channels during the running program. In terms of outputs, the RØDECaster Pro offers four excellent-sounding headphone jacks on the rear panel, with separate volume controls, as well as two balanced line outs for connecting to studio monitors.

To sumen it up, the RØDECaster Pro completely eliminates the need to take podcast courses, or book podcast studios. Given a usable microphone, virtually ANYONE can now create a professional quality podcast!


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Podcasters dream

M on 13.10.2020

We love this piece of kit! Our podcasts are ready with minimal post production required. It always works well for voiceovers and singing. Really great!

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