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RME is a German manufacturer of professional hardware and is well established in the scene. The meaning of the "R" is unknown; "ME" stands for music electronics. RME has a young team of technicians with a clear vision of innovative, user friendly and high quality digital audio solutions to competitive prices. The company was founded in 1996 and soon became a market leader and is constantly expanding into international markets. The RME team is made up of musicians of sound engineers with additional expertise in hard and soft ware development. To stay competitive the RME team share ideas and experiences with the industries other top specialists in this field. This extensive research results in products of outstanding quality that are still affordable and not made just for the professional. RME has a constant output of successful products and has received many prizes and awards from the international press and uses such as: Luca Anzilotti & Michael Münzing, David Kahne, Dr. Motte, Rodney Orpheus, DubCitySound, George Kochbek, Kraftwerk, MousseT, MTV Music Awards, Nena Band, Paul Eastman, Paul Mirkovich, Red Bull X-Fighters, Seeed, Peter Siedlacek, Sitzmann - Söhne Mannheims, Vienna Symphonic Library. The global acceptance of the brand and its excellent reputation, have helped secure a top position within audio device manufacturers.