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Brand Richter Series
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These hand made straps are very individual pieces and for the demanding musician, and underline the perfection and aesthetic of fine well crafted instruments. Maximum quality and functionality are important factors when making these exclusive and elaborate hand made straps. The material used ( highest quality leather and additional materials) are as exceptional as the straps themselves.

The product concept is understood to be the consistent continuation of attractive instrument end-design, using chosen woods and hardwear. If you are somebody who is´nt interested in conventional mass-produced goods with popular standard leather, nylon or imitation leather, you are bang on withe the products from Richter.


The special tannins for the premium leather are gained from renewable raw materials and give the leather natural charm strength.

Oiling, waxing and colouring take place during the time consuming handwork. After roughly twelve weeks is the rawhide ready for further processing. Special Embossing plates give the Richter leather it´s exceptional design. The enormous amount of time and work are made worthwhile when considering the outstanding quality and exquisit appearance of the product.

A complete buffalo skin is of about 4.5m². During the production of a bare Richter leather the so called cowhide, is cut out of the center and then tanned.
Being the most valuable part of the skin, all parts required for a richter guitar strap are cut out of this center piece or "filetpiece" and only the best sections of the cowhide are used, roughly 1.5m² and only 50% of that is actually utilised and therefore is no exaggeration when speaking from the "filetpiece" of a cowhide!

All Richter straps have additional underside cusioning and inner lining made from breathable hightech-microfibres that do not of course loose their colour.

Hand crafted

Only the highest quality is guaranteed, from the raw material, the cuts and right through to the elaborate sewing.

This high-grade handwork never appears artificial or dull thanks to its perfect symbioses optic, pleasant haptic and natural charm.