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Acoustic Guitars Resonator Guitars Brand Dobro Body Material
  • Bell bronze

  • Maple

  • Round neck

  • Round neck mahogany


Dobro is one of the traditional manufacturers of high-quality resonator guitars. In the early 20s, the Slovak Dopyera brothers experimented with Resonator instruments. The aim was to build a guitar that could match volume-moderately with the brass section of a big band. The successful trials led to the establishment of National Guitars, that produced resonator guitars, ukuleles, mandolins and violins made of metal. 1928 John and Emil Dopyera left the company and founded their own company: Dobro (for DOpyeraBROthers). Dobro made their guitars from wood, unlike most national guitar bodies and their own resonator was developed. To date, the name Dobro is a synonym for resonator guitars