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Brand Reka Series
  • Tuning Slide Grease


The Foundation

The company Reka was founded in 1988 and, since then, has etablished itsself both with amateurs and professionals. Reka offers high-quality and long-life care and grease products, as well as other cleaning products for the special care of every wind-instrument.

If the cleaning products are reapplicated sereval times, you can be sure to have a playable and well-kept instrument at hand. At the same time, thanks to Reka products, the instrument life will be extended and the natural sound obtained.

The Philosophy behind the Products

The company Reka produces everthing a musician needs to keep his instrument in a playable and neat condition. Especially brass wind instruments need to be cleaned from the inside regularly. When playing, solids can enter the tubes and change the diameter which can cause a decline in sound quality and additionally affect the tubes chemically. The solids influence the wind stream in the sound column and encroach on the vibration of the instrument.Cleaning products musicians have had in the past didn´t always allow an in-depth treatment. The very old method to soak the instrument in water and release the interior solids by shaking it, was much too complex and didn´t always have the desired effect.

Reka has accepted this challenge and created an effective solution for each instrument and each problem.