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Reeds and Accessories Reeds Brand Marca Series
  • American Vintage

  • Excel

  • Jazz

  • Paolo de Gaspari

  • Premium

  • PriMo

  • Superieure

Instrument reeds
  • Tenor saxophone

  • Alto Saxophone

  • Soprano saxophone

  • Sopranino Saxophone

  • Baritone saxophone

  • Bass Saxophone

  • Böhm Clarinet

  • alto clarinet

  • German Clarinet

  • Eb Clarinet

  • Bass clarinet

  • Bassoon

  • Oboe

Reed thickness
  • 1,5

  • 2,0

  • 2,5

  • 3,0 mm

  • 3,5

  • 4,0

  • 4,5

  • soft

  • medium

  • hard



In 1957, Franco Guccini founded the company Marca Reeds in the South of France (Var Region), which is now successfully continued by the fifth generation. Right from the start, great importance was attached to high-quality raw materials, precise manufacturing, good playing and sound characteristics. Even today the Marca reeds are still 100% manufactured in France. The region of Var is known and appreciated for its high-quality growing areas for reeds. In addition to all traditional values, Marca Reeds' production is equipped with the latest manufacturing technology to ensure the high standards of playing characteristics for each reed.

Since its foundation, ecological sustainability has been a particular concern of the company and is consistently implemented in practice. This is why the company and its employees have been awarded the "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (Living Heritage Company) label by the French government.

The current range of products includes a wide selection of different series adapted to the most diverse musical styles. The PriMo series offers beginners and students good value for money. The Superieure sheets are the right choice for music clubs as well as orchestras and impressively cover many music styles. Classics and soloists are enthusiastic about the Premium Series and will be amazed. With the naming Jazz one has dedicated the unmistakable Marca sound to the jazz scene.