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Reeds and Accessories Reeds Brand Légère Series
  • American Cut

  • Classic

  • Signature

  • Studio Cut

Instrument reeds
  • Tenor saxophone

  • Alto Saxophone

  • Soprano saxophone

  • Baritone saxophone

  • Böhm Clarinet

  • German Clarinet

  • Bass clarinet

  • Oboe

Reed thickness
  • 1,5

  • 2,0

  • 2,5

  • 3,0 mm

  • 3,5

  • 4,0

  • 4,5

  • 5,0

  • Medium

  • 1,75

  • 2,25

  • 2,75

  • 3,25

  • 3,75

  • 4,25

  • 4,75

  • medium hard

  • medium soft



Dr. Guy Légère and Dr. Mark Kortschock founded the company Légère in 1998 with the goal to supply high-quality reeds with a fantastic sound. A complex production- and distribution-structure was initiated in order to launch the reeds.

In comparison to standard bamboo reeds, the advantages of Légère reeds were the longer durability, their insensitivity towards temperature variations and high humidity, as well as their sound features, which were similar to those of bamboo reeds.

Légère reeds owe their fantastic sound and play features to a special synthetic mixture. The production was carried out by the most modern machines and the newest research expertise in Torronto, North Canada.

Important Information:

When purchasing these reeds do not take any risks. If the reed width does not meet with your demands then you have the right of return within 30 days from purchase date. You will then receive a new reed with another width. The exact conditions can be taken from the instructions in the Légère packet.