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The company Rico was founded in the United States and has been in business since 1928. The Italian born Joseph Rico went to a boarding school nearby Neapel and was concidered to be a talent in the field of music. As a teenager he left the country with his brother over night and immigrated to America. Due to their unfatiguing ambition and intensive training, the brothers pretty soon received great attention in the music scene. Joseph Rico composed and conducted well-recognised works.

His nephew Frank de Michelle who wrote to him in 1926 to ask him for suitable clarinet reeds got the ball rolling. Joseph Rico organised reeds for him which became well-known under Los Angeles professionals. Yet, the high demand could not be met, due to a great shortage of common reed. So his nephew asked him, if he could at least organise the reed they needed - what he did.

Joseph Rico sent 350kg common reed to America what led Frank to name the reeds after him. Frank Michelle won the engineer Roy J. Maier as a partner to build up a reed factory in the States which finally led to the foundation of RICO. Today Rico is one of the leading companies in the production of reeds. The reeds are made for professional musicians and allow every musician to create a perfect sound.