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Nuvo TooT BBK « Transverse FluteNuvo TooT BBK, Transverse Flute£ 22,50 Nuvo TooT BPK « Transverse FluteNuvo TooT BPK, Transverse Flute£ 19,50 Nuvo TooT WGR « Transverse FluteNuvo TooT WGR, Transverse Flute£ 21,75 Nuvo TooT BBL « Transverse FluteNuvo TooT BBL, Transverse Flute£ 19,85 Nuvo TooT BGR « Transverse FluteNuvo TooT BGR, Transverse Flute£ 22,50 Nuvo TooT WPK « Transverse FluteNuvo TooT WPK, Transverse Flute£ 21,75

Nuvo TooT

The NUVO "TooT" is a close relative to the "DooD" and highly recommendable for children, who wish to take a step forward to the flute. The "TooT" uses the fingering system of a recorder and the blowing technique of a flute.

The NUVO "TooT"-Set contains a "FirstNote"-Mouth plate, which makes it easy for students, to play simple melodies quickly. The FirstNote mouth plate can be changed with the regular mouth plate. Also includes an attractive case and a finger chart.

The instrument is available in various colors. It's also waterproof and can be cleaned with water.