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Brand Rane


Rane Corporation from the USA has been producing high-quality professional audio electronics for more than 30 years. The American pro-audio equipment manufacturer from Washington was founded by former employees of Phase Linear Corp and began producing audio products for small live bands in 1981. All Rane DJ and Studio devices are developed in the USA and convince with best quality, reflected by the carefully selected precision components, the clean and solid construction, the extensive manuals and above all by the accuracy of the dedicated Rane employees, who make everything possible. Manufacturers will always make demands, but given time, the truth will be proven in the hands of countless users. In the end, the user judges best. Whatever the requirements are, make sure you choose a product based on its quality and reputation - it's worth it. And if it is Rane equipment, we are confident that you will as pleased with its use, as we were satisfied with its creation.