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Pedaltrain Novo 24 TC « Effect PedalboardPedaltrain Novo 24 TC, Effect Pedalboard£ 157,- Pedaltrain Novo 24 SC « Effect PedalboardPedaltrain Novo 24 SC, Effect Pedalboard£ 111,- Pedaltrain Novo 32 TC « Effect PedalboardPedaltrain Novo 32 TC, Effect Pedalboard£ 212,- Pedaltrain Novo 32 SC « Effect PedalboardPedaltrain Novo 32 SC, Effect Pedalboard£ 128,- Pedaltrain Novo 18 SC « Effect PedalboardPedaltrain Novo 18 SC, Effect Pedalboard£ 88,- Pedaltrain Novo 18 TC « Effect PedalboardPedaltrain Novo 18 TC, Effect Pedalboard£ 141,-

Pedaltrain Novo

Pedal Trains new "Novo" product line includes three models: Novo 18, Novo 24 and Novo 32. The number of the Novo model here represents the varying board width in inches.

The "Novo" range is Pedal Trains first Pedalboard series with 5-rails Design incl. Modified rail spacing and Open-front "design.

The modified rail design represents a halving of the original rail spacing and it is therefore tailored a lot more comfortably to modern, very small-sized pedals. Even pedals in micro format find a perfect fit.

The Novo 24 has a completely open-designed front, the so-called "portholes (circular openings for cable feed) from the previous Pedaltrain models are a thing of the past thanks to its open design, the installation of the power supply is therefore freely chooseable.

Like any Pedaltrain model the Novo 24 is made of surprisingly lightweight but at the same time absolutely robust aircraft aluminum; Ideal to provide the best mix of portability (only 2:27 kg weight) and more reliable road suitability. This is underlined by Pedal Trains unique Lifetime Warranty!

Included with the Novo 24 there is fastener tape (305 cm) in official industrial quality, as well as cable ties for a clean uncluttered cable management on the board underside.

The Novo 24 is available with a high-quality, well-padded soft case or road-compatible tour case. Compared to the previous series, the new soft cases feature various practical improvements such as a completely metal-made zipper (big advantage over normal plastic) and reinforced attachment points for the provided shoulder strap. The new Tourcases offer sovereign protection of Pedalboards and weigh at the same time up to 30% less than the models of the previous series.

Pedaltrain from Nashville Tennessee is a pioneer and world leader in the Pedalboards segment. Here you will receive the original and a 100% convincing Board for life - without compromise, without risk, but with Life Time Warranty.

PSU mounting kits can also be purchased as needed (Voodoo Lab Mounting Kit: PT-VDL-MK; Universal Mounting Kit: PT-UNI-MK).