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Pageflip Firefly
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Pageflip Firefly

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  • Connections: USB, Bluetooth
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Pageflip Firefly · MIDI Controller

Programmable, back lit USB/Bluetooth Pedal to flip sheet music and other digital content on PC / Mac / iPad / Windows and Android tablets

PageFlip Firefly is a USB/Bluetooth pedal which was developed specifically for the needs of musicians to save the inconvenience of turning over pages on their iPads, Windows or Android tablets. PageFlip Firefly works exclusively with digital documents, web pages and image collections on any Windows, Mac or Linux computer. It works well with all apps that support keyboard commands. By simply tapping the two pedals the PageFlip Firefly can now digitally scroll contents back and forth.

Unlike the PageFlip Cicada, Firefly has illuminated, even in darkness clearly visible, programmable pedals, independently programmed External pedal ports, a stage-ready, increased to 30 minute waiting time before activating the sleep mode during periods of inactivity, wireless operation or connection via USB cable, an ergonomic design and a higher weight for a better stance.

As a user, you can choose between five modes for both pedals: Up / Down, Left / Right, Arrow keys up / down, left / right mouse click and spacebar / enter button. The five preset modes can be reprogrammed with the Firefly software so that each pedal can now transmit any key press or a hot key function.


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