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WestLab Audio

The brand WestLab Audio was created in 2013. The interdisciplinary team with partly decades of experience in the market for
professional audio products directed the product philosophy on quality leadership and created products based on the principles of
flawless precision, manufacturing quality and the highest demands on overall performance from the first day on.
Today, after a variety of WestLab Audio products was placed, starting in Germany, via Europe up to the Asian region, the brand is constantly confronted with new challenges of the market.
From the smallest plug-and-play system, as an integrated component of simple applications in the market segment for musicians, in system integration with covering all requirements in the area of conference and presentation and also in the event and festival sector, the claim of the
brand is to place its products where mediocrity does not last.
The trade press, which has dealt with the products, agrees: Again and again, loudspeakers, controllers, power amplifiers and also attachments can set new standards.
Be it the sling material made of stainless steel, components protected against aggressive climatic conditions, amplifiers and controllers, or the sophisticated
filtering techniques: WestLab Audio - products often provide that little bit
extra, which ultimately makes the difference, if a planned system only just meets the requirements of professional users, or if those requirements are met with appropriate nonchalance.