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Professional features, intuitive handling and highest sound quality is the concept that has made Soundcraft to one of the most renown brands for mixers. For over 30 years many sound technicians have been using the high quality live mixers for concerts and festivals. Soundcraft was founded in 1973 by Phil Dudderigge and Graham Blyth. Since then Soundcraft have been producing a range of mixers from compact to large, known worldwide due to the high level of reliability and a soft “English” sound. Some of the products that have helped Soundcraft to become globally known include: Soundcraft Series 4, Soundcraft 2400, Soundcraft TS24, Soundcraft 8000, Soundcraft 200B, Soundcraft 6000, Soundcraft Delta, Soundcraft SAC200, Soundcraft GigRac, Soundcraft Series FIVE, Soundcraft FIVE Monitor and Soundcraft Broadway.