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QSC Audio Products Inc. is a world leading manufacturer of amplifiers, digital audio and security networks, DSP signal processors and loudspeakers for the professional Audio market. The story of QSC begins in a small shop in Orange County, California. In 1986 Pat Quilter founded the company QSC Audio Products Inc. Initial idea for the founding was to build the best possible amps for a affordable price.

For the first 30 years QSC was mainly involved with the development of professional power amps. The idea of the former employee and now co-partner Barry Andrews was to take the audio developments made by founder Pat Quilter and take them to the next level.

QSC develops extremely powerful amps that suit even the highest demands of coverage range and performance, for almost every area of professional audio use.

The switching power supply technology development is so sophisticated with QSC, that no other manufacturer can offer such a wide range of products with this technology. Furthermore QSC has high demands on reliability and quality, today QSC has manufacturing facilities that meet the highest industry standards.

QSC offers a total of seven power amp series: QSC RMX-series, first choice for musicians, bands and DJs; QSC PLX-series, a ideal amp for demanding musicians, bands and DJs, needing to keep things light weight; QSC PowerLight-series, no power or quality compromise, especially for touring and live sound; QSC PowerLight 2-series as a support for the PowerLight-series in lower frequncies. For installation applications the QSC ISA- and the QSC CX-series and for cinema acoustics the QSC DCA- series. These QSC amps stand out because of the low price tag, giving you more bang for your buck! QSC power amps are the first choice of many musicians worldwide.

Apart from being market leader in power amps, OSC offer a large range of professional audio technology. OSC also produces a variety of products that use the new Cobra Net, a platform for network-powered audio devices.
A reorganisation within the development team resulted in the design of a comprehensive range of new and modern QSC loudspeaker systems, apart from QSC Loudspeakers for installation, there are also systems for live sound and touring on offer.

This general development has made it possible for QSC not just to develop excellent single components produced at the utmost quality level, but also to integrate these into complex audio system solutions.

The ever growing demand for quality products has led QSC to expanding is production capacity massively. The new manufacturing plant is next to the companies head quarters in Mesa, California.