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The traditional company Dynacord has been one of the leading pro-audio companies for a long time and can look back at 60 successful years. Innovative products and constantly updated quality standards have helped to establish a top reputation in the pro-audio-section.

The product range of Dynacord includes gear like power mixer and amps, mixers, signal processors as well as active and passive loudspeaker systems, which are developed and made in Germany. The worlds first compact line-array-system, the Dynacord COBRA, are among the huge amount of classics in the Dynacord story, others are high-power remote-controllable amplifiers Dynacord Power-H and the Dynacord PowerMate, the most successful power mixer in the world.

The Dynacord story goes back to the year 1945, when the engineer Werner Pinternagel opened a radio workshop in Pilsting Besides fixing radios, Pinternagel started making amplifiers with anything he could find at that time. The company Dynacord was founded early in 1946 in Straubing. In the beginning Pilstings wife and his three children where among the first to help in production. By 1947 Dynacord was officially producing amplifiers.

Soon Werner Pinternagel specialised to stage equipment like guitar amplifiers and reverbs. In 1948/49 the first portable amplifiers were introduced under the name of " Dynacord Ing. W. Pinternagel". The portable amp’s Dynacord KV 6 (6 watts) and Dynacord KV 10 (10 watts) where very successful and stayed in production for about 10 years before there successors were introduced. At the end of 1970 Werner Pinternagel sold his company to an investor group Up till 1990 Dynacord then stayed in the hands of several German families. Eventually Dynacord was sold to American investors.

The name Dynacord was kept and the brand is as strong as ever in Europe and worldwide, the must legendary products include: Dynacord ECHOCORD, Dynacord BASSKING, Dynacord EC Mini, Dynacord Echocord Super, Dynacord S46, Dynacord S60, Dynacord D310, Dynacord EMINENT, Dynacord GIGANT, Dynacord VRS 23, Dynacord DRP 16, Dynacord DRS 78, Dynacord PSX POWER MIXER, Dynacord ADDone and Dynacord POWER