Ortega HORSE KICK PRO, Acoustic Guitar Effects

Item number: 10100129
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Acoustic Guitar Effects • Design: Pedal • Effects: Tambourine, Cabasa, Cowbell, Kick Drum, Cajon Bass • Tuner: no • MIDI: no • USB Port: no • Headphone Jack: no • Inputs: 6,3 mm jack • Outputs: 6,3 mm jack • Expression pedal: no • Battery powered: Battery Powered • Including: incl. mains adapter and 9 V Batterie • Infinitely variable volume control for the percussion sound • The Ortega HORSE KICK PRO is the modern high-tech version of the classic Stomp Box rhythm accompaniment. The kickboard contains 5 sampled percussion sounds. Available are bass cajon, kick drum, cowbell, cabasa and tambourine. The HORSE KICK PRO is the ideal companion for guitarists and singer songwriters, housed in a massive real wood cabinet with a non-slip bottom and a continuous volume control.