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Brand Numark


Numark was founded in 1971 and is one of the most innovative companies on the DJ market. The DM 500 was the first compact audio mixer with a crossfader and was released by Numark in 1972. In America Numark soon became the nr. 1 DJ supplier, by producing and distributing the “Mobile Disc Jockey System”. This was made up of a mixer, amp, Eq, 2 turntables and speakers + a coffin case. The Numark design was very convincing such as was the quality of the products, this catapulted Numark to the top DJ brand in America not only for professional users but also for beginners.
Numarks wide product range consists of turntables (Numark PT01, Numark TT1610, Numark TT1650 ) Mixer (Numark DXM 06 Digital 24 Bit, Numark CM200 USB, Numark DM1050 i.e.), CD-Player (Numark MP102, Numark iCDX, Numark CDN95, Numark HDX1 u.a.) and accessories. Numarks value for money is always relatively good. Guideline for Numark engineers was and is to make even the most innovative products easy to use. As most of the Staff at Numark are or were active DJ´s, innovations are always picked up quickly and combined with approved features to achieve a top performance. Numark can rightfully claim to produce the most innovative DJ tools in the market today. Top products include high torque turntables, the first full digital 10 “ scratch mixer and the first CD player with simultaneous control over multiple effects.