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DJ Mixer Numark M6 USB Black
DJ Mixer Numark M6 USB BlackDJ Mixer Numark M6 USB Black

Numark M6 USB Black

(4 Ratings)
  • Clubmixer
  • Design: Table top
  • Dimensions W/H/D: 320 x 355 x 110 mm
  • Number of channels: 4-channel mixer
  • Mic Inputs: 2
  • Audio Interface: 1x Stereo In/Out Plug & Play
  • DJ mixer with USB port
  • 4 input channels with gain, 3-band EQ, and LED level metering
  • USB port for playing and recording with Mac or PC
  • Play music from music-player software
    Record your mix to Mac or PC
  • Multiple phono, line, and mic inputs
  • Dedicated XLR microphone channel and additional 1/4-inch jack mic input on channel 4
  • Replaceable crossfader with slope control
  • Assign any channel to either side of the crossfader
  • Ships with M6 mixer, Power supply, Quick start guide

Numark M6 USB Black · DJ Mixer

The Numark M6 USB is a flexible 4-channel DJ mixer that can be used with traditional DJ equipment like decks and cd-players as well as with computer equipment via a USB port. Via the USB plug and play port, the Numark M6 can integrate PC and Mac computer tracks in sets with most audio software.

The Numark M6 USB provides essential performance tools like 3-band EQ and LED level meters on each channel, and a cross fader with slope control selectable for any two channels. A separate microphone channel on the M6 USB includes an XLR input, while channel 4 features a 1/4-inch jack mic input. A balanced output connects the Numark M6 to your sound system.

The Numark M6 USB DJ mixer combines the flexibility of a 4-channel mixer with the power of computer music.


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