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Brand Neumann


George Neumann was a developer and manufacturer of electro acoustic equipment, especially microphones. In 1928 he joined up with Erich Rickmann and started the private limited partnership George Neumann & Co. in Berlin. The companies’ goal was to construct microphones where the sound waves move the membrane of a condenser and can be transferred in to electric signals. The CMV 3 was a full success on the market. Furthermore, many parts were manufactured for the record pressing industry.

Just on time for the Olympic games 1936 in Berlin the first microphone with the famous M7 by George Neumann was successfully tested and is still in production today.

During the Second World War the company was relocated to Gefell in Thüringen. After 1945 the George Neumann GmbH, now in West Berlin’s Kreuzberg produced condenser microphones, record cutting machines and large mixers.

These production lines ended in the 90´s as the company was taken over by Sennheiser. Since then the department of development and the after sales service are situated in Berlin Reinickendorf, the Production was integrated with Sennheiser to Wedemark near Hanover. The Neumann condenser microphones are still in production under the brand "Neumann" today.
Over the years Neumann has become one of the best known manufacturers of premium and professional studio microphones in the world. The company has over 75 years of traditional know how that is used in development, finishing and distribution of top class studio microphones. Contacts to leading users and technical institutes are kept alive and are always a source of inspiration.

Microphones like the Neumann U-47, Neumann M-50, Neumann U-67, Neumann U-87 and recently the Neumann M-149 Tube and Neumann TLM-103 have become classics today, and give any sound engineer sweaty hands. Almost every recording studio in the world features the use of Neuman mic´s to underline its high level professionalism.