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Mooer Radar « Recording ToolMooer Radar, Recording Tool£ 112,- Mooer Ocean Machine Devin Townsend Signature « Guitar EffectMooer Ocean Machine Devin Townsend Signature, Guitar Effect£ 195,- Mooer Candy Mixed Footswitch Topper « Effect  AccessoriesMooer Candy Mixed Footswitch Topper, Effect Accessories£ 5,95 Mooer The Wahter « Guitar EffectMooer The Wahter, Guitar Effect£ 83,- Mooer Yellow Comp « Guitar EffectMooer Yellow Comp, Guitar Effect£ 50,- Mooer Graphic B « Bass Guitar EffectMooer Graphic B, Bass Guitar Effect£ 50,- Mooer Micro Looper « Guitar EffectMooer Micro Looper, Guitar Effect£ 63,- Mooer Micro PreAMP 008 Cali-MK 3 « Guitar EffectMooer Micro PreAMP 008 Cali-MK 3, Guitar Effect£ 73,- Mooer Pitch Box « Guitar EffectMooer Pitch Box, Guitar Effect£ 55,- Mooer Pure Octave « Guitar EffectMooer Pure Octave, Guitar Effect£ 54,- Mooer Trelicopter « Guitar EffectMooer Trelicopter, Guitar Effect£ 42,95 Mooer GE 100 « Guitar Multi EffectsMooer GE 100, Guitar Multi Effects£ 84,- Mooer Ninety Orange « Guitar EffectMooer Ninety Orange, Guitar Effect£ 49,- Mooer Pure Boost « Guitar EffectMooer Pure Boost, Guitar Effect£ 41,95 Mooer Skyverb « Guitar EffectMooer Skyverb, Guitar Effect£ 62,- Mooer Micro DI « Guitar EffectMooer Micro DI, Guitar Effect£ 46,95 Mooer Mooer Micro PreAmp 019 UK Gold Plexi « Guitar EffectMooer Mooer Micro PreAmp 019 UK Gold Plexi, Guitar Effect£ 77,- Mooer Redkid « Guitar EffectMooer Redkid, Guitar Effect£ 72,- Mooer Repeater « Guitar EffectMooer Repeater, Guitar Effect£ 54,- Mooer Acoustikar « Guitar EffectMooer Acoustikar, Guitar Effect£ 54,- Mooer Black Secret « Guitar EffectMooer Black Secret, Guitar Effect£ 41,95 Mooer Graphic G « Guitar EffectMooer Graphic G, Guitar Effect£ 54,- Mooer Cruncher « Guitar EffectMooer Cruncher, Guitar Effect£ 41,95 Mooer Lofi Machine « Guitar EffectMooer Lofi Machine, Guitar Effect£ 54,- Mooer Micro PreAMP 002 UK Gold 900 « Guitar EffectMooer Micro PreAMP 002 UK Gold 900, Guitar Effect£ 75,- Mooer Micro PreAMP 009 Blacknight « Guitar EffectMooer Micro PreAMP 009 Blacknight, Guitar Effect£ 73,- Mooer Mod Factory Pro « Guitar Multi EffectsMooer Mod Factory Pro, Guitar Multi Effects£ 110,- Mooer ModVerb « Guitar EffectMooer ModVerb, Guitar Effect£ 54,- Mooer Rumble Drive « Guitar EffectMooer Rumble Drive, Guitar Effect£ 52,- Mooer Spark Echo « Guitar EffectMooer Spark Echo, Guitar Effect£ 51,- Mooer Tender Octave Pro « Guitar EffectMooer Tender Octave Pro, Guitar Effect£ 120,- Mooer The Juicer « Guitar EffectMooer The Juicer, Guitar Effect£ 57,- Mooer Triangle Buff « Guitar EffectMooer Triangle Buff, Guitar Effect£ 41,95 Mooer GE 200 « Guitar Multi EffectsMooer GE 200, Guitar Multi Effects£ 245,- Mooer GC 112 « Guitar CabinetMooer GC 112, Guitar Cabinet£ 253,- Mooer Red Truck « Guitar Multi EffectsMooer Red Truck, Guitar Multi Effects£ 187,- Mooer Pedal Controller Loop 6 « Little HelperMooer Pedal Controller Loop 6, Little Helper£ 110,- Mooer Baby Bomb 30 « Guitar Power AmpMooer Baby Bomb 30, Guitar Power Amp£ 81,- Mooer Shim Verb « Guitar EffectMooer Shim Verb, Guitar Effect£ 55,- Mooer Baby Water « Acoustic Guitar EffectsMooer Baby Water, Acoustic Guitar Effects£ 54,- Mooer EchoVerb « Guitar EffectMooer EchoVerb, Guitar Effect£ 56,- Mooer Noise Killer « Guitar EffectMooer Noise Killer, Guitar Effect£ 50,- Mooer Reverie Reverb « Guitar EffectMooer Reverie Reverb, Guitar Effect£ 93,- Mooer Tender Octave MK II « Guitar EffectMooer Tender Octave MK II, Guitar Effect£ 84,- Mooer Blues Mood « Guitar EffectMooer Blues Mood, Guitar Effect£ 48,95 Mooer Fountain PDNW-9V2A-EU « Guitar/Bass Power SuppliesMooer Fountain PDNW-9V2A-EU, Guitar/Bass Power Supplies£ 16,95 Mooer Micro ABY MK II « Little HelperMooer Micro ABY MK II, Little Helper£ 33,95 Mooer Micro Drummer « Guitar EffectMooer Micro Drummer, Guitar Effect£ 58,- Mooer Micro PreAMP 005 Fifty-Fifty 3 « Guitar EffectMooer Micro PreAMP 005 Fifty-Fifty 3, Guitar Effect£ 76,- Mooer Micro PreAMP 006 US Classic Deluxe « Guitar EffectMooer Micro PreAMP 006 US Classic Deluxe, Guitar Effect£ 73,- Mooer Slow Engine « Guitar EffectMooer Slow Engine, Guitar Effect£ 54,- Mooer MLP 2 Groove Loop « Guitar EffectMooer MLP 2 Groove Loop, Guitar Effect£ 85,- Mooer PE 100 « Guitar Multi EffectsMooer PE 100, Guitar Multi Effects£ 58,- Mooer E-Lady Flanger « Guitar EffectMooer E-Lady Flanger, Guitar Effect£ 50,- Mooer Macro Power « Guitar/Bass Power SuppliesMooer Macro Power, Guitar/Bass Power Supplies£ 68,- Mooer Micro PreAMP 011 Cali Dual « Guitar EffectMooer Micro PreAMP 011 Cali Dual, Guitar Effect£ 76,- Mooer Micro PreAMP 015 Brown Sound « Guitar EffectMooer Micro PreAMP 015 Brown Sound, Guitar Effect£ 76,- Mooer Soul Shiver « Guitar EffectMooer Soul Shiver, Guitar Effect£ 54,- Mooer Woodverb « Acoustic Guitar EffectsMooer Woodverb, Acoustic Guitar Effects£ 62,- Mooer Baby Tuner « TunerMooer Baby Tuner, Tuner£ 41,95


Shenzhen Mooer Audio Co., Ltd. is an energetic and technological innovative company, dedicated in researching, manufacturing and marketing electronic musical instruments and audio equipments, by applying state-of-the-art technology into their products. They have developed a variety of products in electronic musical instruments, ranging from Synthesizer, sound and audio processors, digital audio effects etc.

"Listen To Technology" is the company's development objective. By guidance of “constant technological innovation pursuit of excellence”, Mooer Audio have been striving to bring you the top-level and superb enjoyment of music by means of high-technology.

"Quality first customer orientation" is their purpose. Mooer Audio will be committed to provide the best service to you!