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MOGAMI stands for quality, integrity and ethical business practices.
Every meter of MOGAMI cable has been manufactured over the last 40 years solely at its factory in Nagano, Japan. In addition, President Koichi Hirabayashi monitored meticulously daily production on the machines constructed by his father. Here MOGAMI has always relied on true craftsmanship, selected materials, extensive basic research in physics and intensive quality testing.

Many of the 30 hand-picked employees have work ed for MOGAMI for several decades and lead each production step with the utmost care. The result is an absolutely precise signal transmission without influence on the sound.

Because of these high quality standards compromises are never made for cost reasons. MOGAMI does not copy the developments of other manufacturers or accesses external manufacturing facilities. A rarity in today's cable production. MOGAMI is committed to responsible manufacturing and fulfilled as one of the first cable factories RoHS requirements. Of course, only lead-free solders are used for assembly

Emerging from a small workshop for equipment for cable production based in Naoichi Hirabayashi 1965 family MOGAMI. Two years later they moved to the factory in Nagano where all cables are still manufactured today.

Naoichi Hirabayashis first son, Koichi Hirabayashi conducts intensive research devoted to the fields of electrical engineering, signal transmission and the resulting optimal cable design. He placed particular emphasis on genuine and absolutely precise signal transmission. His findings led to the development of MOGAMI-Neglex cable.

The most important factor in the development was and is the audio quality. At the same time, the cable must also stay flexible, robust and easy to install. Through careful and clever cable constructions, as well as quality managed materials and dielectrics MOGAMI cable quickly found its way into the pro audio market. Nearly every time a studio is built it relies on cables from MOGAMI.

Apart from the professional use Mogami gained an excellent reputation in the HiFi segment. What could be better than to use the same cables to hear the music as were used to record it?