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Brand Moeck Series
  • Denner

  • Flauto 1

  • Flauto 1 Plus

  • Kynseker

  • Penta

  • Rondo

  • Rottenburgh

  • Schulflöte

  • Steenbergen


The Foundation

Hermann Moeck sen. has been distributing recorders, which had been manufactured in cottage industries in Saxon Vogtland since 1930. Yet, he intoned and tuned each recorder himself. Alongside recorders he distributed violas da gamba, spinets and clavichords which were partially manufactured in his own workshop.

The Tradition of Recorders

Since 1948 the distribution of instruments from third-party manufacturers declined and the own recorder production developed consequently. A larger workshop was established and the company Moeck became the major manufacturer for recorders throughout the years.

In the 60s the production of high-quality replica of selctive museum instruments begann. The Rottenburgh model, which was developed in cooperation with the recorder builder Friedrich von Huene, marked the beginning of the development of artful instruments for higher demands. Soon models from Jan Steenbergen (1675-1728, Amsterdam), Jacob Denner (1681-1735, Nürnberg), Thomas Stanesby senior (1668-1734, London) and Jean Hotteterre (Paris, nach 1640) followed as well as historical renaissance-consort-recorders made after idols from the Art & History Museum, Vienna. From 2003 - 2005 Ehlert recorders were produced.

The Current Situation

Today Moeck uses the newest computer-based technology to manufacture instruments. Yet, the percentage of instruments that are hand-made is still very high. In the past years Moeck has managed to unite the skills and intuition of the craftsman with the accuracy of the machines in order to manufacture a large number of first-class instruments with reliable quality standards.