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Allen & Heath

Allen & Heath - World Class Mixing

For more than 30 years the British manufacturers Allen & Heath have been building mixers whose warm and rich sound have taken special value to the music scene. In the 70s Allen & Heath hand-made mixers for elite bands like Pink Floyd and The Who.

Today Allen & Heath products such as Allen & Heath PA 12, Allen & Heath Wizard 3 20S, Allen & Heath GL 2400 432, Allen & Heath PA 12CP, Allen & Heath PA 20CP, Allen & Heath Xone 464, Allen & Heath Xone V6, Allen & Heath Xone 92 Fader Version etc. are not only welcomed by international groups, but can also be found in all areas of the professional audio market like touring, theater, churches, night-clubs & discos, TV- and radio stations, sound studios, conference and event halls.

Behind the name Allen & Heath is an experienced and engaged developer-crew. Each of the Allen & Heath mixers has its own hallmark and specific sound. Specifications like a rich and warm filter quality are no coincidence, but purposeful developments of Allen & Heath´s technicians in cooperation with experienced producers from the international music arena.

Each detail, from the cleaning of the plugs over the mic preamps and the grounding system to the mechanical chassis stability is important for the total quality of every product. In Allen & Heath´s factory in Cornwall/England market orientated products of the best quality and lowest prices are designed.