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Brand MicW


MicW - Natural Sound Microphones

micW is daughter companyof BWSA Technology Ltdin Bejing, China. BWSA make premium high-end testing measuring microphones. The company is certified according to the ISO9001 and produce the microphones under the stricktest of "clean room" conditions.

On the basis of this experience arose a range of recording mic´s under the name of micW.
Some models are spin-offs from measuring mic´s, others are completely new developments. However, all are of the same manufacturing excellence and quality!

What makes micW microphones so special?

The secret is their microphone capsule! It´s membrane, just a few micrometers thick is mounted in clean room conditions and must be closed airtight with the structure. All capsules are then treated in climate chamber to age them and eliminate the risk of clang changes later.

To be able to implement the varied clang characteristics there are three different materials to choose from:
  • titanium
  • Nickel
  • Goldplated plastic