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Brand Audio-Technica


Since the founding of the international consortium Audio-Technica in 1962, they have been occupying themselves with the merchandising, distribution & develpoment of easy to use audio equipment for many different uses.Known initially for their trend-setting pick-ups for turntables (record players), they have been devoted in the meantime to the product developement of high performance microphones, headphones, wireless systems, mixer units (mixing tables) and many other audio-components for home, hobby and the professional market.

Being a winner of numerous industrial prizes, Audio-Technica produce products that fulfill the quality standards, durability and price-performance ratio for live tours, radio and recording studios and also for businesses, public authorities and churches etc.

A-T microphones have also been chosen for important governmental institutions e.g. The House of Representatives & Senate in the U.S
Further more, Audio-Technica microphones and wireless systems are used for high quality T.V and music events such as the GRAMMY® Awards and the annual recording ceremonies for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Audio-Technica products have been ensuring a problem-free transmission of the U.S presidential debate since 1988.

A-T have also been fulfilling the high technical requiremnts for such major sport events as the Football world Cup, Super Bowl, Commonwealth games and also the Olympic games in Atlanta (1996), Sydney (2000), Salt Lake City (Winter 2002), Athens (2004).

The Audio-Technica Corporation in Japan have taken additional steps towards offering a variety of products under their own Brand name, also as (OEM) original equipment manufacturer of optical sensors, Audio-converters and a selection of special equipment. Audio-Technica U.S.,Inc. Supply A-T products for the entire western hemisphere.

Along with additional daughter companies in Europe,Singapore and Hongkong, Audio-Technica has become a leading worldwide company of outstanding performance whilst making it their cause to keep thier products at an affordable price!!