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Meinl Hand Model STB815H « CowbellMeinl Hand Model STB815H, Cowbell£ 36,95 Meinl Hand-Bale Stand for Single Timbale « Percussion StandMeinl Hand-Bale Stand for Single Timbale, Percussion Stand£ 119,- Meinl HD10AB-TF « HanddrumMeinl HD10AB-TF, Handdrum£ 30,95 Meinl HD14AB-TF « HanddrumMeinl HD14AB-TF, Handdrum£ 41,- Meinl HE-3018 « DaraboukaMeinl HE-3018, Darabouka£ 99,- Meinl HE-3030 « DaraboukaMeinl HE-3030, Darabouka£ 93,- Meinl Headed Fiberglass Tri Sound Ibo Drum « Add. PercussionMeinl Headed Fiberglass Tri Sound Ibo Drum, Add. Percussion£ 128,- Meinl Headliner Designer Cubano Retro 11" Conga « CongaMeinl Headliner Designer Cubano Retro 11" Conga, Conga£ 223,- Meinl Headliner Designer Cubano Retro 12" Tumba « CongaMeinl Headliner Designer Cubano Retro 12" Tumba, Conga£ 241,- Meinl Headliner Designer HC10PBK-M « CongaMeinl Headliner Designer HC10PBK-M, Conga£ 170,- Meinl Headliner Designer HC10-VWB-M « CongaMeinl Headliner Designer HC10-VWB-M, Conga£ 187,- Meinl Headliner Designer HC11-VWB-M « CongaMeinl Headliner Designer HC11-VWB-M, Conga£ 196,- Meinl Headliner Designer HC12-VWB-M « CongaMeinl Headliner Designer HC12-VWB-M, Conga£ 199,- Meinl Headliner Designer HTC10WB-M « CongaMeinl Headliner Designer HTC10WB-M, Conga£ 195,- Meinl Headliner Designer MCAJ100BK-MA « CajonMeinl Headliner Designer MCAJ100BK-MA, Cajon£ 84,- Meinl Headliner Designer Tiger Striped String Cajon « CajonMeinl Headliner Designer Tiger Striped String Cajon, Cajon£ 118,- Meinl Headliner Designer Vintage Black Snare Cajon « CajonMeinl Headliner Designer Vintage Black Snare Cajon, Cajon£ 123,- Meinl Headliner HB100-MA « BongosMeinl Headliner HB100-MA, Bongos£ 68,- Meinl Headliner HB100-SNT-M « BongosMeinl Headliner HB100-SNT-M, Bongos£ 84,- Meinl Headliner HB100VSB « BongosMeinl Headliner HB100VSB, Bongos£ 75,- Meinl Headliner HB100-VWB-M « BongosMeinl Headliner HB100-VWB-M, Bongos£ 71,- Meinl Headliner HC11SNT-M « CongaMeinl Headliner HC11SNT-M, Conga£ 187,- Meinl Headliner HC12SNT-M « CongaMeinl Headliner HC12SNT-M, Conga£ 204,- Meinl Headliner HC512-MA « CongaMeinl Headliner HC512-MA, Conga£ 367,- Meinl Headliner HC512-NT « CongaMeinl Headliner HC512-NT, Conga£ 329,- Meinl Headliner HC512-VSB « CongaMeinl Headliner HC512-VSB, Conga£ 354,- Meinl Headliner HC555SNT-M « CongaMeinl Headliner HC555SNT-M, Conga£ 333,- Meinl Headliner HCAJ1AWA « CajonMeinl Headliner HCAJ1AWA, Cajon£ 93,- Meinl Headliner HCAJ1NT Rubber Wood « CajonMeinl Headliner HCAJ1NT Rubber Wood, Cajon£ 80,- Meinl Headliner HCAJ2ATS « CajonMeinl Headliner HCAJ2ATS, Cajon£ 108,- Meinl Headliner HCAJ2RTS « CajonMeinl Headliner HCAJ2RTS, Cajon£ 101,- Meinl Headliner HDJ1-S Congo « DjembeMeinl Headliner HDJ1-S Congo, Djembe£ 46,- Meinl Headliner HDJ3-XL « DjembeMeinl Headliner HDJ3-XL, Djembe£ 175,- Meinl Headliner HDJ400R « DjembeMeinl Headliner HDJ400R, Djembe£ 199,- Meinl Headliner HDJ500VWB-M  « DjembeMeinl Headliner HDJ500VWB-M , Djembe£ 167,- Meinl Headliner HE-051 « DaraboukaMeinl Headliner HE-051, Darabouka£ 16,95 Meinl Headliner HE-052 « DaraboukaMeinl Headliner HE-052, Darabouka£ 17,95 Meinl Headliner HE-053 « DaraboukaMeinl Headliner HE-053, Darabouka£ 17,95 Meinl Headliner HE-101 « DaraboukaMeinl Headliner HE-101, Darabouka£ 18,- Meinl Headliner HE-1018 « DaraboukaMeinl Headliner HE-1018, Darabouka£ 24,95 Meinl Headliner HE-102 « DaraboukaMeinl Headliner HE-102, Darabouka£ 25,95 Meinl Headliner HE-103 « DaraboukaMeinl Headliner HE-103, Darabouka£ 25,95 Meinl Headliner HE-110 « DaraboukaMeinl Headliner HE-110, Darabouka£ 21,95 Meinl Headliner HE-111 « DaraboukaMeinl Headliner HE-111, Darabouka£ 28,95 Meinl Headliner HE-112 « DaraboukaMeinl Headliner HE-112, Darabouka£ 30,95 Meinl Headliner HE-113 « DaraboukaMeinl Headliner HE-113, Darabouka£ 33,95 Meinl Headliner HE-114 « DaraboukaMeinl Headliner HE-114, Darabouka£ 35,95 Meinl Headliner HE-122 « DaraboukaMeinl Headliner HE-122, Darabouka£ 31,95 Meinl Headliner HE-2000 Soprano Doumbek « DaraboukaMeinl Headliner HE-2000 Soprano Doumbek, Darabouka£ 33,95 Meinl Headliner HE-2018 Soprano Doumbek « DaraboukaMeinl Headliner HE-2018 Soprano Doumbek, Darabouka£ 36,95 Meinl Headliner HE-204 « DaraboukaMeinl Headliner HE-204, Darabouka£ 107,- Meinl Headliner HE-205 « DaraboukaMeinl Headliner HE-205, Darabouka£ 110,- Meinl Headliner HE-3000 « DaraboukaMeinl Headliner HE-3000, Darabouka£ 90,- Meinl Headliner HFDD2R « CongaMeinl Headliner HFDD2R, Conga£ 70,- Meinl Headliner HHEAD6.5 Head for HB-50 « Percussion DrumheadMeinl Headliner HHEAD6.5 Head for HB-50, Percussion Drumhead£ 28,95 Meinl Headliner HJS1BK Jinglestick « TambourineMeinl Headliner HJS1BK Jinglestick, Tambourine£ 7,95 Meinl Headliner HJS1R Jinglestick « TambourineMeinl Headliner HJS1R Jinglestick, Tambourine£ 8,95 Meinl Headliner HSTAND10 « Percussion StandMeinl Headliner HSTAND10, Percussion Stand£ 57,- Meinl Headliner HSTAND11 « Percussion StandMeinl Headliner HSTAND11, Percussion Stand£ 50,- Meinl Headliner HTB100WB-M « BongosMeinl Headliner HTB100WB-M, Bongos£ 93,- Meinl Headliner HTMT1BK « TambourineMeinl Headliner HTMT1BK, Tambourine£ 20,95 Meinl Headliner Red Tour Tambourine « TambourineMeinl Headliner Red Tour Tambourine, Tambourine£ 10,95 Meinl Helix Bowl « Add. PercussionMeinl Helix Bowl, Add. Percussion£ 49,95 Meinl HMC-1 Percussionhalter « Percussion HolderMeinl HMC-1 Percussionhalter, Percussion Holder£ 15,- Meinl HOD125 « HanddrumMeinl HOD125, Handdrum£ 88,- Meinl HOD15 « HanddrumMeinl HOD15, Handdrum£ 107,- Meinl Hybrid Slap-Top CajonBag « Percussion BagMeinl Hybrid Slap-Top CajonBag, Percussion Bag£ 34,95 Meinl ID10WH Quinto Ibo Drum Small « Add. PercussionMeinl ID10WH Quinto Ibo Drum Small, Add. Percussion£ 67,- Meinl ID7RB « Add. PercussionMeinl ID7RB, Add. Percussion£ 115,- Meinl ID8RB « Add. PercussionMeinl ID8RB, Add. Percussion£ 95,- Meinl Jawbreaker Cymbal Bag 22" « Cymbal BagMeinl Jawbreaker Cymbal Bag 22", Cymbal Bag£ 88,- Meinl Jawbreaker Percussion Table 18" x 12" « Percussion StandMeinl Jawbreaker Percussion Table 18" x 12", Percussion Stand£ 70,- Meinl JCTRI20 « TriangleMeinl JCTRI20, Triangle£ 27,95 Meinl JG1A-B Jinglestick « TambourineMeinl JG1A-B Jinglestick, Tambourine£ 13,95 Meinl JG1M-WH  « TambourineMeinl JG1M-WH , Tambourine£ 13,95 Meinl JG1R  « TambourineMeinl JG1R , Tambourine£ 10,95 Meinl Jingle Contact Beater « Cajon Add-on Meinl Jingle Contact Beater, Cajon Add-on £ 17,95 Meinl JS88BK « ShakerMeinl JS88BK, Shaker£ 14,95 Meinl Jumbo Bass Cajon « CajonMeinl Jumbo Bass Cajon, Cajon£ 164,- Meinl Junior Djembe Blue « DjembeMeinl Junior Djembe Blue, Djembe£ 34,95 Meinl Junior Djembe Green « DjembeMeinl Junior Djembe Green, Djembe£ 30,95 Meinl Junior Djembe Kenyan Quilt « DjembeMeinl Junior Djembe Kenyan Quilt, Djembe£ 34,95 Meinl Junior Djembe Pharaoh´s Script « DjembeMeinl Junior Djembe Pharaoh´s Script, Djembe£ 34,95 Meinl Latin Percussion Compact Conga 11" Head T/X Rims « Percussion DrumheadMeinl Latin Percussion Compact Conga 11" Head T/X Rims, Percussion Drumhead£ 56,- Meinl Liquid-Triangle « TriangleMeinl Liquid-Triangle, Triangle£ 42,95 Meinl Low Hat « Cajon Add-on Meinl Low Hat, Cajon Add-on £ 75,- Meinl MA-BO-14M « Marching CymbalsMeinl MA-BO-14M, Marching Cymbals£ 114,- Meinl MA-BO-16M « Marching CymbalsMeinl MA-BO-16M, Marching Cymbals£ 152,- Meinl Marathon Classic 12,5" Tumba Leopard Burl « CongaMeinl Marathon Classic 12,5" Tumba Leopard Burl, Conga£ 318,- Meinl Marathon Classic MCC1134CB « CongaMeinl Marathon Classic MCC1134CB, Conga£ 290,- Meinl Marathon Classic MCC1134-LB « CongaMeinl Marathon Classic MCC1134-LB, Conga£ 290,- Meinl Marathon Classic MCC1134-SNT-M « CongaMeinl Marathon Classic MCC1134-SNT-M, Conga£ 259,- Meinl Marathon Classic MCC11CB « CongaMeinl Marathon Classic MCC11CB, Conga£ 276,- Meinl Marathon Classic MCC1212-CB « CongaMeinl Marathon Classic MCC1212-CB, Conga£ 233,- Meinl Marathon Designer 11 3/4" Conga White Marble « CongaMeinl Marathon Designer 11 3/4" Conga White Marble, Conga£ 255,- Meinl Marathon Designer 11" Quinto White Marble « CongaMeinl Marathon Designer 11" Quinto White Marble, Conga£ 247,- Meinl Marathon Designer 12 1/2" Tumba White Marble « CongaMeinl Marathon Designer 12 1/2" Tumba White Marble, Conga£ 304,- Meinl Marathon Exclusiv MEC1134NT-CH « CongaMeinl Marathon Exclusiv MEC1134NT-CH, Conga£ 312,- Meinl Marathon Exclusiv MEC1134NT-G « CongaMeinl Marathon Exclusiv MEC1134NT-G, Conga£ 333,- Meinl Marathon Exclusiv MEC11NT-CH « CongaMeinl Marathon Exclusiv MEC11NT-CH, Conga£ 295,-


The cymbal manufacturer Meinl from Neustadt (Germany) is the only company to use up to 5 different alloys to produce a wide range of instruments.

The Meinl program offers a huge sound variety with every cymbal series featuring a different sound characteristic. The large pool of cymbal series include: Amun (Meinl China A16CH, Meinl Crash A18PC and Meinl HI-Hat A14PSW), Byzance (Meinl Crash B20MC-B, Meinl Ride B22HR and Meinl Splash B8DAS), Classics (Meinl Bell C8BM, Meinl Cina Splash C8CS and Meinl Mini Hi-Hat C10MH), Generation X (Meinl Drumbals GX-10DB, Meinl Kinetik Crash GX-18KC, Meinl Safari Crash GX-16SC and Meinl Toms cymbal set GX-TB14_16_18) plus much more.

The Meinl company was founded by Roland Meinl in 1951 in Neustadt an der Aisch. Meinl is now one of the leading percussion making companies, producing at the highest quality standard with a large instrument assortment, innovative ideas and a always-growing list of Endorsers.

Meinls comprehensive range of percussion instruments is developed for active musicians and professional players with highest standards. The Meinl percussion instruments include: Bongo (Meinl CS400, Meinl FWB200 and Meinl WB500), Conga (Meinl fibreglass series FC 11, Meinl Marathon Classic MCC11 and Meinl Professional Series MP1134), Darbukas (Meinl HE101, Meinl HE204 und Meinl HE314), Djembe (Meinl ADJ2-M, Meinl DJW3 and Meinl KES-01), Timbale (Meinl Artist series AV1BK, Meinl Floatune Serie TI1BK and Meinl Marathon series MT1415B) and Conga Cajon (Meinl CAJ10TBW-M).

Only the best high quality materials are used to achieve the best possible sound, craftsmanship and technology. Meinls experienced developers team, has used the know how of experienced players and created a very own professional style. Meinl uses timber from environmental friendly cultivated forests. Meinl`s main goal was and is to present percussion instruments made to fit the highest quality demands. Meinl offers a high playing comfort and guarantees for best sound and a long life of is instruments.
Players of Meinl instruments include: Chris Adler (Lamb of God), Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall), Thomas Lang, Daniel Svensson (In Flames), Brann Dailor (Mastadon), Thomas Noonan (36 Crazyfists), Vik Jorma (The Bronx), Mike Justaine (Unearth), Jake Davidson (Aiden), Spencer Smith (Panic! at the Disco) and Christoph Schneider (Rammstein).