Meinl BA2-BK

Meinl BA2-BK, Batadrum

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Batadrum • Meinl BA2-BK Bata drum Itotele 5 3/4” & 8 3/4” in black RITUAL DRUMS MEINL combines traditional instruments with modern technology and innovations. The range of Ritual Drums is a line of innovative instruments which originate in many different cultures from all around the world. MEINL’s expertise in R&D helped in creating these authentic and high quality range of instruments which is outstanding in the percussion world. BATAS BA1BK Having originated in West Africa and rooted in religious ceremonies, the Bata Drum made its way to Western civilization over 300 years ago. The largest Bata is called Iya and functions together with the medium Bata called Itotele. The performance usually includes a dual between the players where they question, fight, and answer each other in rhythmic patterns. The smallest bata drum is the Okonkolo and its task is to perform frequent rhythmic patterns during rituals. The MEINL Batas are made from premium fiberglass for more durability, lighter weight and comfortable playing. Sizes available: Okonkolo 5 1/4” & 8” Itotele 5 3/4” & 8 3/4” Iya 6 3/4” & 12” Material: Premium fiberglass Features: Hand selected buffalo heads Traditional TTR-Rim Includes: Nylon strap and Tuning key Colours: BK = Black