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M-Audio is a part of Avid Technology Inc and one of the leading suppliers of creative hard and software solutions for computer based music production and audio editing, M-Audio is used in Studios, home recording and in mobile applications. M-Audo was founded in 1988 as Midiman Inc in Trwindale (California, USA) by Tim Ryan. From 2002 on the company was renamed to M-Audio and eventually taken over by Avid Technology in 2005.
Today around 200 employees in the USA and Europe develop products for the professional and private audio market. M-Audio offers a broad range in the sectors: computer audio periphery, audio interfaces, keyboard controllers and user interfaces, microphones, loudspeakers, software and sound libraries.
The company also trades foreign music production software and audio plug-in.
Today M-Audio has subsidiaries in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France as well as Japan and is part of a worldwide distribution network.
Being an important innovator in the music industry M-Audio has enabled musicians to make music following there own creative ideas with mobile hard and software where, when and how they like
M-Audio is known to offer the newest technologies in easy to use and affordable packages, which has resulted in a high acknowledgement from a large number of globally known artists, studios and music magazines. The know-how of the M-Audio engineers and the price politics of the company are a further enrichment of the music industry especially whilst promoting high class music productions and offering everybody the chance to be part of this development.