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Brand Lunastone


The Danish climate has a certain effect on creativity - Danish companies have a hand for cool effects pedals. The latest coup of the Scandinavian effect pedals is Lunastone, a small, fine effect makers from Copenhagen. Mastermind Steen Gröntved is a real dynamic freak - his ideal guitar sound is extremely dynamic and transparent, without changing the fundamental characteristics of the amp and guitar. The circuitry of Lunastone is called TrueOverDrive - you wontt find, as usual with Overdrive pedals, clipping diodes. The distortion of the Lunastone pedals is done as in a tube amp by means of series-connected gain stages. The result is astonishing - the Lunastone pedal reacts very sensitively to the volume knob of the guitar and to the playing style - distortions can be controlled by attack strength.