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Therapy and Spiritual Sound Log Drums Brand Zenko


The French company SAS Metal Sounds, was founded in October 2011.
Their motto is: passion, integrity and quality.

The head office is located near Toulouse and the two workshops are also located in the South of France: one near Avignon and a second one in Saint André de Sangonis (exhibition venue).

The Zenko belongs to the family of steel tongue drums, also known as "tank drums", because this type of instrument was first made from propane tanks. The Metal Sounds team spent a lot of time and energy to produce a finely crafted and reliable reed drum made of stainless steel.

In addition to high sound quality, we have created a unique hope and design for our first line of steel reed drums, inspired by our hand punched drum Spacedrum. Design, efficiency and reliability are our three keywords. Zenko is an original melodic percussion (steel reed drum) made of a special stainless steel alloy that protects it from rust for life and, thanks to its strength, helps to maintain the instrument's tuning.

The Zenko offers an alternative and/or an extension to the handpiece Spacedrum. It can be played by hand or with mallets and has a full range of sound. Thanks to a perfect fine tuning it plays fascinating melodies. This percussion is ideal for relaxation purposes, music therapy exercises and music workshops for the youngest. It is available in 10 tunings, we can tune it on the Diapason 440 Hz or 432 Hz. It is up to you to find out which mood suits your own sensitivity.