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Headphones Listen to music on the go Brand
  • AKG

  • Austrian Audio

  • Electro Harmonix

  • iDance

  • InEar
  • Klang

  • Korg

  • LD Systems

  • Mackie

  • Presonus

  • Samson

  • Sennheiser

  • Shure

  • V-Moda
  • VOX

  • Yamaha

  • Zildjian

Headphone Type
  • Over-Ear

  • On-Ear

  • In-Ear (inner ear)

Headphone design
  • Closed

  • half open

  • no

  • yes

True Wireless
  • no

  • yes

Listen to music on the go

Any headphone with a 3.5 mm stereo jack plug can practically be operated with a smartphone. But when the phone rings, you quickly realize that mobile music listening is more than just listening to music. Many headphones are therefore smartphone-compatible and allow you to take phone calls without having to touch the smartphone itself. Sometimes there is even the option to start or stop the music or select a different track. Since smartphones often only have a low level at the headphone output, it is also advisable to select a model with the lowest possible impedance.