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Line 6

The company Line 6 was founded in 1996 and is situated in Agoura Hills (California), they are one of the most innovative company’s on the market, producing software, multi effects, amplifiers, modelling e-guitars and e-basses. Soon after the founding it was clear that Line 6 would be good for many surprises.
The first product was the Line 6 AxSYS 212 Guitar Modelling amp from 1996. This amp can simulate the sound spectrum of classic and modern guitar amps, effect pedals, guitar boxes and mic´s, and it’s so good, it’s hardly distinguishable.
Next was the POD, this truly ingenious piece of technology really revolutionised the market. The compact kidney shaped tool is able to simulate a number of guitar amps, stacks and effects and soon became a standard for home players and studio bosses alike.
The success of the POD led Line 6 to quickly expand, and as the millennium ceased the new version of the Vetta Amp was able to emulate 2 types of amps at the same time. (Bi-amping) The Line 6 engineers took a further step onto unknown ground and came up with a great idea to make a guitarists life easier. The guitar all-in-one-wonder „ Variax“ was born. Its a modelling guitar witch can emulate being a different guitar, or being made of a different wood, or having different pickups, or even being acoustic, great!
The Instruments and hardware from line 6 can be updated via the internet, the software can be downloaded on the Line 6 homepage, and furthermore Line 6 gear can be expanded with modelling packs.
Line 6 is one of the 50 fastest growing companies in the USA, the creativity of the technicians seems to be unlimited and the Line 6 output is as interesting as ever.