Line 6 Relay G70

Line 6 Relay G70, Guitar Wireless Systems

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Guitar Wireless Systems • Digitale Instrumental Sendeanlage im Pedal Gehäuse • 3 programmierbare Ausgänge • bis zu 16 Taschensender per Preset aufrufbar • Komplett Set • Display: Graphic-Display • Frequency band: 2,4 GHz • Neigungssensor für Stromspar Modus • Receiver Connections: XLR (balanced), 6,3 mm Jack (unbalanced) • Channel ports: 6,3 mm Jack; micro-USB • Features: up to16 pocket transmitters simultaneous • Frequency range: 10 Hz - 20000 Hz • Power supply: Receiver incl. Mains Adapter; Transmitter AA Batteries • Construction: Digital • Battery Type: AA 1,5 Volt • Battery Life: up to 8 hours • The Line 6 Relay G70 is a comfortable-to-use guitar wireless system, which allows the use of multiple guitars. The Relay G70 shines not only with a perfect sound quality, a robust housing and an exemplary operating comfort, but also offer features that are found neither in a cable nor in a conventional wireless system. It offers superior audio performance and the lowest signal delay of all digital wireless systems. Add additional stations to be able to quickly play another instrument.
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