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Brand Lewitt


Lewitt Audio may not quite measure up to Neumann (over 90 years) or AKG (over 70 years) in terms of history, but when it comes to innovation, the Vienna-based company punches well above its weight.

In just a decade, Lewitt Audio has produced world-class microphones for studio and live use, including the multi-award-winning LCT Series - a superb line of studio condenser microphones, the MTP Live Series, the DTP Drum Microphones, and the DGT Digital Series.

What sets Lewitt Audio apart from a host of other microphone manufacturers is the company's philosophy of not following old paths, but being innovative and forward-thinking, keeping the needs of its growing user base in mind.

Whether it's the striking white of the LCT 240 PRO or the recognizable grilles of most large-diaphragm microphones, Lewitt Audio's microphones stand out from the crowd.

Roman Perschon, the company's founder and CEO, started Lewitt Audio partly out of frustration with the big-company politics of the old guard of microphone manufacturers, and partly out of a love of design.

Roman Perschon began building his own speakers as a teenager, driving his parents and neighbors crazy. Roman Perschon most recently worked for AKG and has always liked music, but also designing new products. He often thought to himself that there must be better sounding, cooler, more versatile and more beautiful microphones out there. He wanted to do something different, and that was:
Lewitt Audio world-class microphones.