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Latin Percussion Aspire LPA601-SW Jamjuree  « BongosLatin Percussion Aspire LPA601-SW Jamjuree , Bongos£ 89,- Latin Percussion LP637 Rubber Conga Feet « Percussion standLatin Percussion LP637 Rubber Conga Feet, Percussion stand£ 16,10 Latin Percussion LP1207 Jam Block Medium Pitch « Alto Wood BlockLatin Percussion LP1207 Jam Block Medium Pitch, Alto Wood Block£ 25,25 Latin Percussion LP234A Afuche Wood Cabasa Standard « CabasaLatin Percussion LP234A Afuche Wood Cabasa Standard, Cabasa£ 29,- Latin Percussion CP CP379 Wood Headed Tambourine « TambourineLatin Percussion CP CP379 Wood Headed Tambourine, Tambourine£ 12,95 Latin Percussion Aspire CP LPA229 Tri-Tone Whistle « Samba-PercussionLatin Percussion Aspire CP LPA229 Tri-Tone Whistle, Samba-Percussion£ 5,50 Latin Percussion LP243 Super Guiro « GuiroLatin Percussion LP243 Super Guiro, Guiro£ 30,50 Latin Percussion LP352 Tri-Tone Samba Whistle « Samba-PercussionLatin Percussion LP352 Tri-Tone Samba Whistle, Samba-Percussion£ 17,- Latin Percussion Aspire LPA610-AW « CongaLatin Percussion Aspire LPA610-AW, Conga£ 151,- Latin Percussion LP Claw with Splash Mount « Percussion holderLatin Percussion LP Claw with Splash Mount, Percussion holder£ 40,- Latin Percussion LP483 Pro Shekere « ShekereLatin Percussion LP483 Pro Shekere, Shekere£ 100,- Latin Percussion LP1210 Granite Blocks « Alto Wood BlockLatin Percussion LP1210 Granite Blocks, Alto Wood Block£ 169,- Latin Percussion LP208 Standard « Vibra SlapLatin Percussion LP208 Standard, Vibra Slap£ 35,20 Latin Percussion LP452 Multiguiro « GuiroLatin Percussion LP452 Multiguiro, Guiro£ 40,- Latin Percussion Aspire LPA630A « Percussion HeadLatin Percussion Aspire LPA630A, Percussion Head£ 59,- Latin Percussion LP1209 Jam Block Low Pitch « Alto Wood BlockLatin Percussion LP1209 Jam Block Low Pitch, Alto Wood Block£ 35,- Latin Percussion LP848-SN Micro Snare « Snare drumLatin Percussion LP848-SN Micro Snare, Snare drum£ 110,- Latin Percussion RAW LP1608 Potz 8" « Add. PercussionLatin Percussion RAW LP1608 Potz 8", Add. Percussion£ 49,10 Latin Percussion Aspire LPA601-AW « BongosLatin Percussion Aspire LPA601-AW, Bongos£ 80,- Latin Percussion Aspire LPA663B « Percussion HeadLatin Percussion Aspire LPA663B, Percussion Head£ 30,35 Latin Percussion LP626 Lu Bar « ChimesLatin Percussion LP626 Lu Bar, Chimes£ 124,- Latin Percussion Claw LP592A « Mic AccessoriesLatin Percussion Claw LP592A, Mic Accessories£ 40,- Latin Percussion CP CP265C « Percussion HeadLatin Percussion CP CP265C, Percussion Head£ 54,- Latin Percussion Matador M245 Strap-Lock Bongo Stand « Percussion standLatin Percussion Matador M245 Strap-Lock Bongo Stand, Percussion stand£ 116,- Latin Percussion Mini Everything Rack « Percussion holderLatin Percussion Mini Everything Rack, Percussion holder£ 45,55 Latin Percussion Cyclop LP160 Steel Jingles Mountable Tambourine « TambourineLatin Percussion Cyclop LP160 Steel Jingles Mountable Tambourine, Tambourine£ 30,- Latin Percussion LP234C Deluxe Afuche « CabasaLatin Percussion LP234C Deluxe Afuche, Cabasa£ 44,- Latin Percussion LP442F Finger Shot Shaker « ShakerLatin Percussion LP442F Finger Shot Shaker, Shaker£ 4,50 Latin Percussion LP449 Studio « ChimesLatin Percussion LP449 Studio, Chimes£ 68,- Latin Percussion Classic LP290B Double Conga Stand « Percussion standLatin Percussion Classic LP290B Double Conga Stand, Percussion stand£ 192,- Latin Percussion Galaxy LP793X-C Giovanni « BongosLatin Percussion Galaxy LP793X-C Giovanni, Bongos£ 276,- Latin Percussion Generation II LP201AX-2 « BongosLatin Percussion Generation II LP201AX-2, Bongos£ 239,- Latin Percussion Heritage 5" Black Beauty with Puerto Rican Graphic « CowbellLatin Percussion Heritage 5" Black Beauty with Puerto Rican Graphic, Cowbell£ 19,55 Latin Percussion LP1205 Jam Block « Alto Wood BlockLatin Percussion LP1205 Jam Block, Alto Wood Block£ 20,- Latin Percussion LP828 Giovanni Compact « BongosLatin Percussion LP828 Giovanni Compact, Bongos£ 279,- Latin Percussion Aspire LPA900-BK Ez-Grip « CowbellLatin Percussion Aspire LPA900-BK Ez-Grip, Cowbell£ 18,70 Latin Percussion Classic LP636 « Percussion standLatin Percussion Classic LP636, Percussion stand£ 155,- Latin Percussion LP Claw with Percussion Rod « Percussion holderLatin Percussion LP Claw with Percussion Rod, Percussion holder£ 40,- Latin Percussion LP1400-C2 Claytone Udu C2 « Udu DrumLatin Percussion LP1400-C2 Claytone Udu C2, Udu Drum£ 64,- Latin Percussion Small Percussion Stand « Percussion standLatin Percussion Small Percussion Stand, Percussion stand£ 106,- Latin Percussion Valje LP1400-BW « BongosLatin Percussion Valje LP1400-BW, Bongos£ 227,- Latin Percussion Classic LP330 « Percussion standLatin Percussion Classic LP330, Percussion stand£ 112,- Latin Percussion Gajate Bracket « Percussion holderLatin Percussion Gajate Bracket, Percussion holder£ 47,35 Latin Percussion LP1204 Jam Block Highest Pitch « Alto Wood BlockLatin Percussion LP1204 Jam Block Highest Pitch, Alto Wood Block£ 21,20 Latin Percussion LP1231 Jam Bell Blue High Pitch « CowbellLatin Percussion LP1231 Jam Bell Blue High Pitch, Cowbell£ 21,85 Latin Percussion LP511C Concert « ChimesLatin Percussion LP511C Concert, Chimes£ 89,- Latin Percussion LP597 King Klave « ClavesLatin Percussion LP597 King Klave, Claves£ 22,35 Latin Percussion Matador M201-BLWC « BongosLatin Percussion Matador M201-BLWC, Bongos£ 125,- Latin Percussion RAW LP1604 Potz 4" « Add. PercussionLatin Percussion RAW LP1604 Potz 4", Add. Percussion£ 38,40 Latin Percussion Tito Puente LP655 « Timbales sticksLatin Percussion Tito Puente LP655, Timbales sticks£ 9,95 Latin Percussion Cajon Saddle « CajonLatin Percussion Cajon Saddle, Cajon£ 39,- Latin Percussion Double Sambago Bell « Standard Agogo BellsLatin Percussion Double Sambago Bell, Standard Agogo Bells£ 27,- Latin Percussion LP262R Traditional Clave Exotic Wood « ClavesLatin Percussion LP262R Traditional Clave Exotic Wood, Claves£ 17,10 Latin Percussion LP3601 Brazilian Chocalhos « Samba-PercussionLatin Percussion LP3601 Brazilian Chocalhos, Samba-Percussion£ 47,40 Latin Percussion LP441 Soft Shake « ShakerLatin Percussion LP441 Soft Shake, Shaker£ 8,60 Latin Percussion LP449C Concert « ChimesLatin Percussion LP449C Concert, Chimes£ 69,- Latin Percussion LP511 Studio « ChimesLatin Percussion LP511 Studio, Chimes£ 88,- Latin Percussion LP633 Sound Platform « Percussion standLatin Percussion LP633 Sound Platform, Percussion stand£ 37,50 Latin Percussion Matador M201-ABW « BongosLatin Percussion Matador M201-ABW, Bongos£ 118,- Latin Percussion RAW LP1606 Potz 6" « Add. PercussionLatin Percussion RAW LP1606 Potz 6", Add. Percussion£ 39,50

Latin Percussion

The past 4 decades have been full of innovations for the company Latin Percussion. Second to none products have made them to a worldwide leader of percussion instruments.
The photographer Martin Cohen, who hat been inspired by Jose Mangual to start playing himself, founded Latin Percussion in 1956 in the Bronx.
He soon noticed that is was almost imposable to purchase good percussion instruments in the USA, the reason for this was the trade embargo with Cuba. Cohen decided to use his craftsmanship and started the construction of a conga set by using photos.
The company Latin Percussion, Garfield, New Jersey that once started in Martin Cohens garage now has departments for development, research and design that are always releasing new products.

The great line of Latin Percussion consists of: conga (Latin Percussion 40th anniversary LP559Z40, Latin Percussion accent line LP565ZF-SNG, Latin Percussion Aspire LPA646B-BL i.e.), bongo (Latin Percussion Generation III LP202AW, Latin Percussion Aspire LPA601VSB, Latin Percussion Galaxy LP794X i.e.), cowbell (Latin Percussion LPES12 Cha-Cha Bell, Latin Percussion LPES9 hand bongo bell, Latin Percussion LPES10 timbale bell i.e.), tambourine (Latin Percussion Cyclop LP170, Latin Percussion Cyclop LP175, Latin Percussion LP160 Cyclop 866.550 i.e.), chimes (Latin Percussion LP449 Studio, Latin Percussion LP467 Pin Chimes, Latin Percussion LP625 Whole Tone Bar i.e.), agog bell (Latin Percussion LP231A, Latin Percussion LP577 Dry, Latin Percussion LP366 wooden agogo i.e.), block (Latin Percussion LPA211 woodblock, Latin Percussion LP210C woodblock, Latin Percussion LP1307 blast block i.e.), djembe (Latin Percussion 40th anniversary LP720X40, Latin Percussion Galaxy LP797ZAW, Latin Percussion Galaxy LP799ZAW i.e.) and much more

Latin Percussion instruments are found in all music styles and are used by many top celebrities of the music scene, the endorsers of Latin Percussion include: Yaroldy Abreu - Chucho Valdes, Harry Adorno – Independent, Pakito Baeza – Independent, Richard Bravo - Ricky Martin, Max Beesley - Robbie Williams, Brendan Buckley – Shakira, Cafe – Independent, Gaynell Colburn - Stevie Wonder, Danny Cummins - Bryan Adams, Lighthouse Family, Rhani Krija – Sting, Gary Husband – Independent, Bashiri Johnson - Whitney Houston, John Mahon - Elton John, Dominique Messier - Celine Dion, Spike Nealy - James Brown, Raul Rekow – Santana, Ron Powell - Kenny G, Snowboy - Lisa Stansfield, Tico Torres - Bon Jovi, Gregory Zuber - Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and many more

Since the company’s founding many improvements have been made to the sound and handling of Latin Percussion instruments. There are many copies of all kinds of Latin Percussion instruments, that all have one thing in common: they are cheaper than the original, but also sound that way.