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The Lakewood story began 1979, as the company owner Martin Seeliger disappointed his parents by not studying law but learning to be a luthier. Finally in 1984 after completing his apprenticeship with Manfred Pletz he became a master craftsman and stared his own workshop for acoustic guitars. What he needed most was a name that sounded good in German as well as English and should be somewhat representative to the guitars sound. The small town of Lakewood in Cleveland/USA was the inspiration for Germany's best known acoustic guitars.

Following the motto "give up on the good in benefit of the better" the typical Lakewood features started to crystallise. Wood dimensions as well as the design of the used struts in the guitar are very important factors for the sounding of a guitar.

The sound hole rosette painting is one of a kind and makes it easy to distinguish every Lakewood. The instruments are made mostly of classic instrument woods, but also have some exotic materials in production. Mahogany, rosewood, ovankol, maple and ebony are typical woods – cocobolo, silicate or macassar-ebony are quite seldom used, but are standard at Lakewood.

Particularly the Lakewood dreadnought models are very universal instruments that can be used for fingerpicking, as well as flatpicking. Whilst strumming they show there very distinguished sound with out ever becoming muffled. Single sounds always stay defiant and clear.

Today Lakewood has around 20 employees and is always looking to use new technologies, wherever quality and craftsmanship are important. In 1998 a new varnishing method was introduced UV light is used to dry the varnish within seconds. This new process is also very inviromently friendly and Lakewood is the European pioneer in this field, as they are always very eager to keep up to the future. Lakewood uses only the most up-to-date CNC technologies for a better quality. Lakewood guitars are among the best acoustic guitars available and can take on even the biggest names. Martin Seeliger has given his instruments an own sound character and so it’s not unusual not only to talk about the Martin or Gibson sound, but also of the Lakewood sound. Lakewood guitars are played in blues, folk, bluegrass, rock, pop and classic.