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Franz Küng was born on 11/11/1906 in Schaffhausen. Until about 1927, he completed an apprenticeship as a piano maker in Schaffhausen. In 1933 he returned to Schaffhausen and bought a villa in Schaffhausen. In this villa, he founded a music store and made some money as a piano tuner and doing repairs. In 1938 he started experiments in constructing recorders. There was a shortage of recorders so he was Inspired from old German types and commenced manufacturing them.

In spring 2015 Thomas Küng's son went into the family business and is now leading this third generation Family business. With his role as CEO he brings in a lot of new knowledge and innovations.

The great success of SUPERIO Basses made the decision to renew the deep bass and sub-bass very easy. The supply of deep flutes come at exactly the right time. Making the orders in large numbers, so that the company was faced with long delivery times. The newly developed subwoofer conquered the market in the same year.

streamlined flute program with new model names: STUDIO, SUPERIO,CLASSICA and HISTORICA. and a new price structure.
The school flute program receives a new design. SUPERIO arises following the baroque form of Rippert alto flute in G (390 Hz). The CLASSICA model is the long-standing and still popular model in which all sizes from Garklein are represented by the sub-bass.
With the expansion of SUPERIO series, the streamlining of the other range and the increased outward appearance, the company has continuously improved. In particular, the development of SUPERIO-Basses by Geri Bollinger has been an important step for the company.

2008 Küng Recorder Manufacturing celebrated its 75th anniversary.